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Award: Tiny Bikinis in Public Places Award

Tiny Bikinis in Public Places Award

While we all love nudity here on Kellys there are some places it just can't (legally) be done.

With that in mind, and the fact that some people do have a bikini or thong fetish (and there's nothing wrong with that), this award is for "Tiny Bikinis Worn in a Public Place".

A public place can be anywhere, but the busier and more picturesque the better, but any outdoor public place will do. Think beach, park, woodland trail, race-track, national park, appropriate monument, hotel, swimming pool, beach bar, main street of a resort, police station (ok maybe not a police station), but steer clear of schools, playgrounds or anywhere you may cause offence or distress.

There are many tiny and sheer bikinis around for those people who like to cover up.... a little - Berry Dog, Malibu Strings, Beach Revolution, The-Bikini to name a few, many people will have their own favourite.

So put on your barely-there swimwear and take a picture or video to grab yourself this desirable award. We will accept painted on bikinis too if anyone is talented enough with their body painting

Have fun.

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