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Award: Kellys on Tour Award

Kellys on Tour Award

This award is for those who travel, that doesn't matter if it is domestic or international travel, but the further from your home-base the better.

To win this award you need to advertise (so to speak) KellysChat.com while you are on vacation, away with work, visiting relatives or friends - you get the idea.

You need to either make a sign displaying "KellysChat.com" or have it written on your body (but on display), write it in the sand where you are sunbathing, hang it on a sheet over your balcony or fly it as a flag - again, you get the idea.

Take a picture or a video of yourself with the displayed wording and share it here and the award is yours. Feel free to be creative.

If anyone asks you about your sign while doing it you may even be able to get them to join Kellys and win the referal award too! Double bonus.

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