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  1. Bath Time!!!!

    Happy Friday evening. Hope this evening finds all well... Having a few muscle issues and thought I would have some relax time in my tub.. Jets feel good. Enjoy the tease...

    Hugs & Kisses,

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  3. May is Stroke Awareness Month and an update on recovery

    I find that recovery is a journey not a destination.
    My mind remains as it was as does my pride; in my head I'm still a guy in his early 30s who can do everything he used to be able to. Reality on the other hand leaves me easily tired, with less stamina than I am accustom to, and generally frustrated at my lack of physical prowess and ability st the moment.
    I'm far ahead of where the doctors thought I'd be...by about two months. They thought I'd be out of commission for at least four ...
  4. What Day is it?

    It happy HUMP day..... Good morning OF, how is everyone this Morning?
    Just a little something to make HUMP day better...

    Hugs &Kisses,





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    Renee Reigns Secrets
  5. Plus 2

    Lar and I had met on an all-guys website and had gotten together a couple times to jerk and suck each other. We got along well and he told me he wanted to get his girlfriend in a three way some time., and thought Id be the perfect guy for it. He showed me a few pictures of her naked and she was amazing. Gorgeous, with a body that would stop a clock. Lar also told me she was a tomcat in bed. He told me hed mentioned it to her a couple times and at first she seemed interested but then seemed to ...
  6. A Cruise for 3

    My cruise partner had gotten called away the day before the cruise so I decided to go by myself. There were lots of ladies on the cruise, young and old, who appeared to be single. One young lady especially caught my eye. She was about 5 7, had frizzy, reddish hair and the longest legs Id ever seen. The night before she and her, seemingly constant companion, were in one of the lounges and the redhead had on the shortest dress I have ever seen. Her friend was a few inches shorter, brunette and ...
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