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  1. Looking for friends

    It seems it gets harder all the time to find friends, friends that really care. I keep searching for the place where people have similar interests and are open-minded. Nudity seems to be where people are somewhat genuine and honest.
    I enjoy the freedom of no clothes and no one caring that you aren't wearing any. Perhaps this is where I belong. I hope to find what I am looking for.

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  3. Still alive....

    I'm still on here just not so much. This site is so very slow. I could be gone for a month, come back and catch up on everything in 5 minutes. Too many lurkers I guess.

    My uncle passed away this week. I didn't know him very well but my dad always thought the best of his brother. I have to tell him about about his brother passing away coming this Tuesday. Not sure what good it's going to do. My dad isn't all there and most likely won't care. He knows his brother had a lot of health ...
  4. Doing ok....

    I'm doing alright. My dad is still the same and I still see him every week. I try to bring him sweets he wants or clothes he needs.

    Not much else to report, laters.
  5. My dad....

    It gets harder and harder to visit. He so physically weak he can barely do much of anything. His days mostly consist of getting to the next meal. He appears happy to see me doing our visits but I can never be to sure.

    I miss the vibrant man he used to be. He's almost a complete shell of himself and hardly has any muscle mass.

    This is so cruel for him to go through.
  6. Tan lines

    Tan lines or no tan lines which is sexier?
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