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Hayden had a new business that kept him in the office very long hours. One July day I received an email from him, reminding me about his birthday coming up and if I was single he wanted to see me for birthday sex! (This was one of our promises to each other- but did not always happen) (we had known each other approximately 14 years by now)

We talked back and forth about seeing each other, but he was stuck at the office and I was sleeping when he was finally free. (1-2am) I finally decided I needed to take matters into my own hands. I told him my friend was looking for some work and that he might be able to help. He supplied me with his office information and I told him I would pass it along to my friend. A few days pass and I text him to ask him if he is really busy today or had any meetings scheduled. He said he did have work to do but mostly was waiting on some emails and phone calls. I then told him I was in the building and needed his access code to get to his floor. (I did not hear from him for about 15 minutes.)

I stood around waiting and talked to a few people that walked by. They asked me if I needed any assistance and I told them I was waiting on a friend. I knew Hayden would respond….I just knew it! Not soon after, I heard the ping of the elevator and Hayden walked out. Dressed in a polo and dockers he looked very handsome. He had lost some weight since last seeing me and I saw his eyes light up when he saw me. It was almost 5 pm and I knew that almost everyone in the building would be going home for the day.

Hayden embraced me and leads me to the elevator. He punches in his keycard and we go up to his floor. He is all smiles and can’t seem to keep his hands off of me. Once we walk off the elevator he goes back to being a businessman and I follow him to his office. I only saw one other person and they were heading to the elevator to leave. He shows me the entire company floor and then we go into his office. The view is beautiful with floor to ceiling windows.

We talk for a bit then I stand up and start taking off my clothes. (I know he wants me but he is a gentleman and waits for me.) He stands up from behind his desk and walks around to help me. I can see my reflection in the windows. I was at the heaviest I had ever been and tried not to look at myself. Hayden reached for me and started peppering my breasts and shoulders with kisses. He told me I looked so sexy and to not be shy.

I helped him undress then I leaned forward braced over his desk and told him to fuck me. Hayden had other ideas though. He walked to a closet and pulled out several throw pillows and a blanket. He made a pillow nest on the floor and told me to lay down on them. I told him I wanted to fuck on his desk and he told me we could later but he wanted me to be comfortable. Once I sat down on the pillows he got down between my legs and started rubbing my thighs and kissing my belly. I knew what he wanted more than anything. He wanted to taste me. I leaned my body back against my elbows and opened my legs to him. He took my legs and put them over his shoulders as he bent his head down to my pussy. I felt his mouth against my sex and I closed my eyes. He started licking my lips then rubbing his lips against my clit. I pushed myself against his head and he started licking more. He would go from licking me up and down to sucking on my clit and tongue fucking me. It felt so good. He soon had me gushing all over his face and down his throat. I was so horny I could not get enough! He could not either! I must have gushed 10 times before he got a phone call. He kept licking me until I orgasmed then he reached over to answer his phone. He got up and walked to his desk to discuss business as I laid there trying to recuperate from my last orgasm. He still had my juices on his face. Once off the phone he came back and kneeled down on the floor between my legs and positioned himself to fuck me. We did eventually get to his desk. He had me sit on it with him sitting in his chair, as he licked me then he stood up and fucked me. I could see our reflections in the window and see the magnificent night city skyline from my position on his desk.

I do know once we left the office that we would have very fond memories and he would have the scent of my pussy in his office for a while. I hope he had a happy birthday!



  1. Candela's Avatar
    Very nice Angel xo
  2. dropgoal0's Avatar
    Awesome sexy story
  3. BostonBrewin's Avatar
    Hot damn! Sounds like a very happy birthday to me!
  4. Xmtncouple's Avatar
    Great story !
  5. tomyxyz's Avatar
    Can I be your friend? ��
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