6/11/2018 UPDATE

   First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who went premium! It makes me feel great that so many people care so much about our community here.
Iím happy to say that we have had enough members upgrade to premium to keep Kelly's Chat going, but we still need your support!

   If you havenít upgraded to premium because you didnít want to invest in a site without knowing if it would be around in a month or two, please consider doing so now.
I would love to see Kelly's Chat stay strong and grow into an even more fun and lively site, and we can only do that with your support.

Please, if you can help keep our online home running, let me know or sign up as a Premium Member Here

Any questions, concerns or comments, you can contact me directly or post them on our new thread here.

Mr. L

Forum Rules

1) No degrading, mean, rude, or nasty comments.

If you don't like something you see move on to something else and say nothing. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment of other members via private messaging and emails. If a post is incorrect, i.e. in General Discussion, copy the last 'good' post and move on. Comments are not acceptable.

2) No posting dick pics or cum "monitor" pics in the womens section

Pics will be removed and you will be warned ONCE only. This includes couples pictures in the women's forum ... there is a couples section for that. It's easy ... no cocks in women's threads!

3) No posting pics in other people's thread unless asked to or have their permission.

No posting Nude photos in the personals. Start a thread in the correct section and post your pics there. The forum is designed so members have a choice to view pics or not.

4) No Posting pics that are not yours.

Any pics not your own or taken from the net, will be removed. Do not post pictures of people without their permission. If we suspect anything, they will be removed. Included are members who post multiple pictures of multiple women in one or more threads and/or albums. Please be aware of the many warnings about posting pictures which are not yours. We will ask for a verification picture if we believe that someone is posting pictures for which there are not permissions to post. Please note the warning in the women's section under the announcement. <<< THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! Click here if you wish to verify

5) Absolutley no posting pics, stories, etc., about i*n*c*e*s*t, b*e*a*s*t*i*a*l*i*t*y, p*e*d*o*p*h*i*l*i*a, etc

This will result in an instant ban from the site.

6) No posted references to other adult websites, including, but not limited to, URL's and links.

Included is in your profile, threads (yours or any other member's), photos, movies, and also signatures. Non adult links may be posted in the profile only. Mentioning other adult sites in the chatroom is also forbidden.

7) Clean up after yourself

Clean up your mess. All members have the ability and the responsibility to fix their own errors. If you don't know how, ask. Any mod will be happy to assist. We are not your mom! ... or dad!

8) No Blood

Absolutely no pictures containing blood, this includes women's periods, self harm, and blood fetishes. There are plenty of sites that cater to such things, so please take it elsewhere.

9) No professional pictures

This is called an amateur site for a reason. ēNo Solicitations!ē If you are selling your home movies, photos, panties or anything else, don't do it here.

10) Only light fetish pictures permitted

Once again, hardcore fetish pics are catered for at other sites.

11) One user name at a time

Those who continually add new user names will be banned. Those who forget and start a new user name are permitted only one name to be used at a time. Posting under different names is deceiving and often creates problems! First offense is a warning and second offense is a ban.

12) Continuous deletions are no longer tolerated

Members who come in, post pics and/or threads then delete them after a short period, then return another day and repeat the process will be banned. If you don't like a thread, editing is the way to go. If you don't like a pic, then deleting it is understood, but constant and repetitive deleting of pics is not allowed. Pics and threads may be deleted after a reasonable length of time, giving other members the opportunity to view and comment (4 days minimum). Anything posted in error should be deleted and as such will not be subject to this guideline. Members leaving the site should delete as well. Forum moderators and/or Admin may ask for an explanation for continuous deletions. This is their job and explanations are required.

Admin and the Moderators reserve the right to remove any pics, comments, or threads that do not conform to the Kelly's Chat site guidelines


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