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Forum Rules

1 ~ No degrading, mean, rude or nasty comments.

If you don't like something you see move on to something else and say nothing. This includes harassment of other members via private messaging and emails.

2 ~ No posting dick pics or cum "monitor" pics in the womens section

Pics will be removed and you will be warned ONCE only. This includes couples pictures in the women's forum.... there is a couples section for that.

3 ~ No posting pics in other people's thread unless asked to or have their permission.

No posting Nude photos in the personals. Start a thread in the correct section and post a link to it. The forum works like this so members have a choice about what pics they would like to see.

4 ~ No Posting pics that are not yours.

If we doubt any pics as not being your own or taken off the net, they will be REMOVED. Do NOT post pictures of people unless you have their permission. Once again if we suspect anything, they will be removed. This includes people who post lots of pictures of lots of different women all at once or in different threads. Please be aware there are 3 sections warning about posting pictures that are not yours. We WILL ask for a verification picture if we believe that someone is posting pictures that are not yours. You can find the biggest warning in the women section under our announcement. Click here if you wish to verify

5 ~ Absolutley no posting pics, stories etc about *i*n**c**e*s*t, b*e*a*s**t*i**a*l*i*t*y, p*e*d*o*p**h**i*l*ia etc

This will cause an instant ban from the site.

6 ~ No posting URL's/links to other adult websites

In your threads or photos or movies or in other member's threads. ( this includes signatures). You do have an option in your profile to add things like that so feel free to use it.

7 ~ Clean up after yourself

If you accidently post something blank, wrong or even double up on a post, please delete it and keep the boards clean and uncluttered.
Don't ask moderators to remove your threads/attachments. You have the option to delete your own posts yourself whenever you want.

8 ~ No Blood

Absolutely no pictures containing blood, this includes women's periods, self harm, and blood fetishes. There are plenty of sites that cater to such things, so please take it elsewhere.

9 ~ No professional pictures

This is called an amateur site for a reason. >> No Solicitation ... If you are selling your home movies, photos, panties or anything else, don't do it here.

10 ~ Only light fetish pictures permitted

Once again, hardcore fetish pics are catered for at other sites.

11 ~ One user name at a time

Those that continually post under different user names will be banned. Those who forget or start a new user name are permitted but only ONE name to be used at a time. Posting under different names is deceiving and some times creates allot of problems! First offense is a warning and second offence is a ban.

12 ~ Continuous deletions are no longer tolerated

Those that come in and post pics and delete them after a very short period of time and then come back another day and do the same and then again and again etc etc will be banned. You can delete your pics when they have had a decent amount of time ( 4 days minimum) to be viewed and commented on. If you make an error on a thread or are leaving CK for good you are more than welcome to delete them but anyone that keeps posting and deleting will be banned.
If you are contacted about this by a Forum Moderator or Forum Admin, PLEASE Explain your situation.

Admin and the Moderators reserve the right to remove any pics, comments, or threads that do not conform to the Kelly's Chat site


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