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    I've tryed once . . . . now i got respect the woman who does swallow :drooling: ^^

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    oh man i get really really horny and i'm like mmmm i bet my cum would taste awesome right now i'd love to try it then i shoot my load in my hand or on the counter or w.e. and then i'm really not in the mood for it. it sucks i feel ya man

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    Quote Originally Posted by imported_raoul_duke View Post
    I get the urge to swallow my load sometimes, but as soon as I nut I COMPLETELY lose interest in eating it and can never bring myself to do it.

    Does anyone do this?

    Ummmmm Nope....

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    My wife loves me to cum over her tits. She then forces me to lick and suck her cum covered titties whilst she uses her cum covered fingers to jack herself off. The best sex ever!!! We have snowballed a couple of times which is hot. I think it is great.

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    Think we all have or do at sometime,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sallybaby View Post
    Think we all have or do at sometime,
    Mmmm Sally,love to do it as you watch!!
    I Love Comments & Requests

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    I did few times when I'm really horny and by myself, I'm able to suck my own tip of the cock, first few times I spit it out, but couple of times I swallowed, tastes salty, but not bad.

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    I love it when my woman takes my load and then gives me a big wet cummy kiss. I recently eat her cream pie. It was great licking my cum from her asshole and dripping pussy. Then a big french kiss for her. It gets me all horned up thinking about this. I may have to try a load now.

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    I do or eat it out fo her or eat her after someone elce has put a load in her.

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    I do eat her out or after someone elce has put a load in her.

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    I quite like to eat my own cum from my lovers pussy. Often after I cum inside her we will cuddle and kiss for a while then I will slide down her body and taste her pussy. Sometimes she is to sensitive for to much tounging but if she is not I will go to town tasting our combined juices...yummy...

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    oh i agree with mano nothing like getting a taste after having sex once and getting ready for the second time .. a nice 69 with her dripping pussy.. makes both of us go crazy.. so i guess i kinda like eating my cum from her pussy..
    live each day like there is no tomorrow.. No limits..No regrets

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    Come on guys. What do you guys do when you've cum and your wives still haven't gotten off?
    Many times I've finished her off orally. Cum on my chin, tasted it many times too....but guys, how can we expect them to take a load if we are so squeamish about tasting it!

  14. #174
    i enjoy drinking my cum, weather im shooting it right into my mouth or my ex was snowballing it to me. I too also had problems swallowing it after i cumed but there are ways to get over it. I often have fun showing off my "hobby" on-line.

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    every time i cum my wife who is also my mistress makes me clean my nasty mess but yes i ate cum b4 i was with her

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    Once I have cum,after a wank I have had every intention of drinking my own cum, but like the majority of the group here I go off the idea once I have shot my load.
    After a short pause, I have sucked my cum out of my wife's cunt and really enjoyed it and have given her quite a number of orgasms this way.
    In answer to a number of the questions here ,Yes I have enjoyed the taste of my own cum.

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    I had a female friend who (during a conversation that made its way to the sexual side) had said she wanted me to cum inside her. then after go down on her and lap up our mixed cum. after i gathered it all up she wanted me to feed it to her mouth. now this never happened hell we never even slept together. although the idea has stuck in my head well after the conversation and has become something that i have wanted to try. i love a female cum every part of it. never been much on tasting of my own but she planted a seed with her want that has grown a bit. still have no real interest in tasting my own in a solo session. with a girl in the above scenario thats a lil different.
    I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none!

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    I drink my own cum often.. cum in a cup and drink it down. On occasion I do lose interest.

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    Accidentally shot myself in the face once. I have worked on my aim a lot since then. Ahem.


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