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    GrandMILF Samantha Williams on her 53rd B-Day!!

    Well, back again! Another year has passed, and hubby wanted to take pics of me again on my birthday, which he has done ever since I started posing (and posting) 4 years ago, on my 50th Birthday!

    So here are some pics of me, Samantha Williams, Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 5, taken yesterday on my 53rd Birthday. Am I still sexy?? Lots more pics, if the comments are encouraging... what do you think ??

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    Well first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear. 53 and still looking pretty good for an old duck....lol. I love the outfit and I look forward to seeing it laying on the floor as you peel it off.
    Love is never having to say "Sorry, what was your name again ?"

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    Samantha, you're improving with age- I hope I don't have to wait another year for more pics!

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    Very much so still sexy! Would never think that you were 53...you look more like 30!! love your body!

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    THANK YOU, THANK YOU - You are all too kind to Grandma. Here are some more pics for you, MMmmmmmm, getting hot for you now - Speaking of "sweet ass" Devilduck, you've got me playing with my pussy ....

    MORE ??

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    wanna go for a sexy rolling session with me?
    A woman's place, is on my face

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    pity I'm not Robowolf, because the wolf ate grandma, and thats what I'd like to do. you wear your years with grace and beauty and there ain't nothing as sexy as a sexy grandmom

    keep on posting please

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    happy birthday

    You are like a good wine only gets better with age, you look really sexy. I like lingery and have to thank you for that pics, i will like to give you a nice bday gift. would start with your breast giving a massage and licking your niples (also soft bites) and go down. Fingers, tonge until you explode in pleasure

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    HB Samantha! Looks like there's a long line, already. Great to see you again! Add 7 more " to your list.

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    Happy birthday; you sure look good & love the sexy lingerie. Keep posting & keep peeling.
    Sex should ALWAYS be fun!

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    Happy Birthday.
    How would you like a younger big Boy for your Birthday.
    I'd love to see those panties off.
    My cock is very hard looking at you....

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    Thumbs down happy belated birthday

    still so smokin' hot. just like fine wine, getting better with age. thanks for all the great shots.
    To Each His Own

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    Looks like the grand MILF should get the grand load! Wow, smokin'!

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    very nice me and the wifes 52 if you wanna swap sum more,get in touch

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    I awoke to all of these lovely, sexy comments!

    And don't worry, Viking1304, there are "close-ups" in the mix, I just like foreplay and take my time in getting to the "climax" LOL

    Love all of the nasty, hot talk here - makes my pussy creamy and wet for the swollen cock. Here are a few more pics, on the road to taking my panties off for you!


    Would any of you like to cum and "sleepover" at Grandma's house tonight ??

    Samantha :drooling:
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    Happy Birthday, dear! You are simply fucking hot.
    I would like to see more pictures of you and your gorgeous friends.
    Keep them cummin'.


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