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    [request] panties sniffing stories

    Anyone would like to share panties sniffing stories?

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    any time i can find a gals panties, i sniff'em.

    seems as if- gals leave them around jus' fer us.

    one gal- that came over many times w/ her Bf, to hot tub- would change in my RR. and leave her clothes folded on counter-
    I make my move and find her undies- always a thong- and never a trace of anything- she had the cleanest undies I ever saw- which made me want to see her nekid pussy even more-

    most panties have some sort of markings, hers were like new,
    and I know she was wearin them, you could see them when she bent over.

    one time, i stopped over at MIl house to finish painting, and found her undies in the bathroom, I didn't know she was home and grabbed them and gave a smell, she has some real nice aromas and as I started up the stairs- I could here her making noises- her BF was humpin her for the world, her legs up in the air, titties bouncin...
    I krept down stairs and went to work, she came down, and was getting drinks when she saw me- she was full frontal nude-
    her pussy was still shiney wet., hair matted down, and she was flushed. her Bf came down stairs too- and i can see why she was red, his dick was hangin' at least a 12 incher and his balls wer like baseballs,
    quite a few moments of quiet at that point.

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    I take my wifes panties after she has just taken them off most of the time while she is in the shower, smelling them and feeling the warmth on my face. I get so hard doing that, I jack off smelling them then when I am ready to cum i use the panties to finish jacking off and fill the crotch with cum.

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    A while ago, my younger sister had a friend sleep over. They were both 19 at the time. They were downstairs watching a movie. Her friend left her bag outside my sister's room, her panties were sticking out. I grabbed them and gave them a long wiff.... Mmmmmmmm. I whipped out my cock and jacked off until I left a big load in her panties. The next morning before she left, she bent over and I saw her wearing the panties I had covered with cum. As she left she smiled and winked at me.

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    Re: [request] panties sniffing stories

    One day while i was away with a few friends i shared a bedroom with a couple of girl friends. They all went out, so i searched through one of the girls bags and found her worn panties from the day before. It had pussy stains on it so i licked it and sniffed it. I then wrapped it around my cock and blew in them



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