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    Girlfriend forcing me to eat her asshole

    Me and my girlfriend are both 24, and she says that I'm too big for my bridges and thinks she can humble me by making her eat her asshole on daily basis. Any thoughts?

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    Some like to do this and others hate it. If you don't have a problem with it my advice would be to continue doing it and improve on your delivery. Try encouraging her to masturbate herself while you do it and wait for the fireworks when her orgasm hits.
    Over a period of time she will come to adore having this done to her and shortly thereafter you will have reversed the position and she will be begging YOU to do this for her!
    I think you will come to enjoy this more than you imagine!
    Good luck my friend and enjoy.

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    amateur video chat

    Big Dick Man9 you have to decide for yourself if you need 'humbling', and if indeed you wish to be submissive...more importantly YOU decide if you wish to tongue someone's butt....do not let anyone else force you....many people do not like this "activity"....make your own decision, and if you decide it is a big fat "no", well, she has to wear your decision...good luck!



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