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    Never Never

    I started a few stories a few weeks ago and asked for your opinions on which to go forward on. I posted the first chapter of each story. The winner was Never Never. I hope you enjoy another fantasy tale from me.


    “You'll never believe me if I told you,” a woman said from the dark corner of a small room.

    “Try me,” said a man, a few years younger then her. He took a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and offered her one.

    “Thank you,” she said and and reached one hand out to take one. The man proceeded to light her cigarette and then one of his own. “You'll call me mad or think I made it all up,” she said returning to her protest.

    “I'm open to believing anything,” he said and took his jacket off. He hung the jacket with care on the back of wooden chair and sat down facing her. He opened a note book he had been carrying when he entered the room only minutes ago.

    “I've heard that lie before,” she said and took a long drag on her cigarette. She leaned her face forward into the light and let the smoke slowly escape her lungs before retreating back. “The doctors, at the hospital, said that before locking me up. Yeah that's right, they called me crazy. But I'm sure you know that already, you've read my file.”

    “No Miss Darling, I haven't. I'm not hear to judge you, or evaluate you. I'm just here to hear your story.”

    “Really?” She said in an untrusting tone. “The how'd you find me? How'd you hear about me?”

    “Stories here and there. Started asking around, finding clues. Had to call in favors and pay out a few of my own. I finally came across a friend of yours and she lead me here.”

    “So what are you,” she asked and stared at him from the veil of shadow.

    “Just a collector of stories,” he said.

    “Well collector of stories,” she said, “where should I begin?”

    “Anywhere you see fit, but preferably at the beginning if you can.”

    “Okay,” she said and made her self comfortable. “You'll never believe me, never. It was a few years back, maybe ten I guess. I've lost track of the years, being gone, there I mean. And then time in the hospital. I'd guess it was ten, maybe fifteen years ago. I was in my early twenties at the time. Time doesn't move the same there, you get stuck in place. He had been there for a long time, but he seemed younger then you are now. He couldn't tell me how long, but it wasn't his fault, he didn't know.

    “I guess an exact time line doesn't really matter though,” she said. “Does it?”

    “No,” the man said. He had started scribbling notes in his book. “Like I said, I'm not a reporter or doctor, I'm a collector of stories.”

    “That's a interesting title you've appointed your self,” she told him.

    “How so?”

    “Stories,” she said while it seemed she was drifting away into the past. “he was after stories since the first night we met. But that's not quite the beginning,” she said and it seemed her attention was back on the present. “No I'll start a little earlier then that.

    “It was a Friday evening, I'd gone on a date that night with a man I'd met at happy hour the week before. He'd seen me sitting with some friends when I stepped outside to smoke he approached me. He chatted me up a bit outside and I invited him to join us back at our table when we finished smoking. He seemed nice so when he asked for my number I didn't see any reason not to give it to him. Unfortunately the date didn't go as well as either of us had hoped. There was nothing terribly wrong, we just didn't have much in common and the night was bore for both of us. I feel horrible for what happened to him after though, the media, my family, the police. He was innocent.”

    “They blamed him?” The man asked. “For the disappearance?”

    “Yes, he was the last person to be seen with me. It only makes sense seeing how everything else I'm about to tell you makes absolutely none. But that's not what you're here about, so back to why you've come here. I went back to my flat, my mate had gone out for the weekend so it was empty when got in. I kicked off the shoes I had worn as soon as the door closed behind me. I was looking to improve my evening so I headed to the kitchen to find a bottle of wine. My flat mate worked for a man that owned part of a winery in northeast France so we had a very stable supply of it at all times. I poured my self a glass and headed to my bedroom.

    “Like I said before, I was alone for the weekend so I pulled the cute dress I had worn over my head and tossed it on my bed. I looked at my self in the mirror in my bra and knickers and tossed them in the pile too. I was a little disappointed, my lucky pair seemed to have lost their touch that night. I opened my night stand and took out the one thing I knew wouldn't disappoint me. I left my bedroom and sat down in front of the television. I had my glass of wine in one hand and my vibrator in the other.”

    “I sorry to interrupt you,” the man said, “but did you just say a vibrator?”

    “Yes I did,” she told him, “we're both adults here. Unless that makes you uncomfortable?”

    “Uh, no, not at all.”

    “Good because a little sex toy is hardly the beginning of what I'm about to tell you. You do want the whole story right?”

    “Yes, every thing.”

    “Okay then,” she said to him, “Now where was I?”

    “You just took your vibrator with you,”

    “Right,” she said cutting him off. “I put my feet up on the ottoman and turned the TV on. I flipped through the channels. I wasn't looking for anything to really watch, mostly just background noise. When I finally settled I noticed I was low on wine so got up and refreshed my glass. It was when I was walking back I noticed the blinds where open. I walked over to close them but instead stood their starring out at the London skyline. I had moved from the county side the year before and was still enchanted by the sight of it at night. I could see my own reflection in the glass and looked my self over. I had just come home from a date so I still had make-up on, my hair was still up, and I'd made sure I'd shaved that morning.” She watched the man shift a little in his seat, no doubt imagining her naked. She smiled, but sitting in the shadow hid that expression. “So, for no real reason other then 'fuck it why not', I left them open and walked back to sit down.

    “I drank more wine and tuned the world out while I drifted off into a naughty fantasy. I let my fingers do the work first, touching my moist skin. The excitement of self pleasure building while my fingers genitally rubbed my pussy. I liked to play with my self, everyone does, but I needed more so I grabbed my vibrator and turned it on. I hummed and tickled my clit, getting me wetter and closer. I let it slide between my lips and deep inside me. And that's when I first felt like I was not alone.”

    “Not alone?” The man asked

    “Like someone was watching me,” she explained. “And I wasn't crazy, I can assure you. I was being watched. I just didn't know by who. I stopped what I was doing and looked over at the open window. No one was there. I could see the flats across the street, the windows empty. I didn't push the thought of being watched out of my head though, nor did I close the blinds. I let the feeling take me down a path. I imagined a man outside my window watching me fuck my little fanny with that toy. I didn't take long after that before I was cumming, and it was a few times in a row. With the wine and orgasms flowing I slowly drifted off to sleep on the sofa.

    “It most have been close to 2 in the morning when I woke up. My neighbor’s dog, Nana, barking outside had startled me awake. The only light in the room was from the TV still on. I rubbed my eyes and looked around before realizing where I was. I looked between my legs and saw my vibrator resting there waiting to go back inside me. I turned it back on and proceeded to pleasure myself some more. And that's when I heard him. He knocked a book off a shelf and it landed with a thud on the floor beneath him. I jumped from the sofa and grabbed a throw blanket to cover with. 'Who's there,' I shouted towards the noise. He didn't make a noise so I through the only thing I had in my hand at the time. My vibrator flew through the air and hit him.

    “'Ow' he yelled. 'What's the matter with you?' he said.

    “'Me? What are doing in my home?' I yelled back at the darkness

    “'I was looking for what's mine,' the mysterious intruder said. 'You took my shadow, and I'm taking it back!' he yelled at me. I was quite puzzled, how do you take someone's shadow? I tried to ask but he cut me off insisting I was a crook.

    “His shadow?” The man asked.

    “Yes, his shadow,” she said contemptly. “I warned you that you wouldn't believe me. And I promise things will only get more unbelievable from here. So if wish to now, just leave.”

    “I'm sorry, I don't mean to,” the man said trying to get her to continue.

    “Look, I don't know you. You don't know me. You said you wanted my story for your collection.”

    “I do, I do,” he said, “please go on. I won't ask any more questions, promise.”

    She sat in the shadows silent for a moment. “One last chance,” she said. “Now I believe I was saying he'd accused me of stealing his shadow after I threw for vibrator at him. 'I'll call the cops,' I threatened him.

    “'Why?' he asked me. 'You stole from me, I'm just hear to take back what's mine to begin with. And besides,' he said taunting me, 'it's not like they could catch me. No one can.' And that's when he slipped from the shadows. He was a beautiful man, tall, lean, sexy. His clothing was I bit odd, out of place really. They where raggedy and dated. Greens and browns, not anything you'd imagine a burglar wearing, or any man really. But the strangest thing of all was what he was holding. In one hand he had a bar of soap, and the other what looked like black lace or some sheer fabric. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, and I didn't right away. He was holding his own shadow.”
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    Re: Never Never


    The self proclaimed collector of stories sat in his chair in disbelief at what his orator was telling him. He had tracked her down after hearing tales of her. Rumors and urban legends mostly had taken him across the ocean from New York City to a dark, mostly empty, room in south London. He had just written in his journal about a man holding his own shadow.

    One corner of the room was very dark, only the faintest clue of a woman hiding in the shadows. She'd finished her cigarette so the cherry red glow had disappeared from the veil of darkness. Her guest had only seen a few glimpses of her when she moved forward into the light. She was an attractive woman from what he could see. She looked much younger then she should, like time had not affected her.

    “Okay,” the man said, “I'll accept he was holding his shadow. But what's with the bar of soap?”

    “You know,” said the woman in the shadows, “I thought the same thing. Funny is it? A strange man is in my home, I'm a alone, and naked. He's going on and on about me stealing his shadow and all I could think was: what's with the soap? So the very next thing I found I was asking him was just that.”

    “And what was his answer?”

    “He said he was trying to put his shadow back on.”

    “With soap?”

    “With soap.” she said and you could hear a slightest sound of laughter on her words. “You really have to understand Peter I guess.”

    “Peter?” The young man asked.

    “Yes Peter,” she confirmed.

    “Thank you,” he said and jotted down the name.

    “Of course, we wouldn't want your story to be inaccurate. But as I was saying he was attempting to rub the soap bar on his foot and trying to stick the shadow to it. Now I don't what came over me, maybe it was the wine, or feeling like I was still asleep, but what ever the reason I decided to help him. 'You can't use soap to reattach that.'

    “'And way not?' he asked me.

    “'Because,' I said. I wrapped the throw around my naked body and started toward my bedroom, 'you need thread, and a needle.' I opened my desk drawer and retrieved my mending kit. Peter had followed me in to my room, he moved so silently had I not known he was there I never would have known he came in behind me. 'Sit,' I told him a pointed to the bed. He sat down on the edge of my bed while I opened the kit up and pulled out the needle and some black thread.

    “His curious nature, which I became found of later, took hold of him while I threaded the needle and he started sifting through the pile of discarded clothing beside him. 'Neat!' he said and pulled the lacy thong I had been wearing early that night out. He pulled them back and flung them threw the air like a child shooting a rubber band.

    “'Hey,' and shouted at him, 'knock it off.' A fetched my nickers and stuffed them in the hamper. When I turn back around he'd found my bra too and was wearing it on his head.

    “'Weird hat,' he said before I snatched it from him.

    The man laughed while scribbling the details down. “So this Peter, was he some kind of idiot?”

    “Oh no,” the woman said. “You'd have to imagine your self in his shoes. See up until that night, Peter had rarely seen a woman. And the few he'd seen didn't wear anything under their cloths, if they even where cloths.”

    “What? Did he grow up on an island full of men or something. Completely devoid of even the sears catalog?”

    “Well, simple put, yes. Peter wasn't from London, well guess that's not right. Peter was born in London, he thinks. He said he left when he was an infant, he thinks. He wasn't ever fully sure of the details, or forthcoming with them. But I guess that's part of what makes him so alluring, the mystery. But back to my story, where was I?”

    “Oh yes I'm sorry. You said you where going to sew his shadow back on.”

    “And I did, I couldn't believe my self. I took the limp sheer fabric from him, it had no weight at to it. Like it was made of air. And when I was done and melted from my hands like you'd imagine a shadow would if you ever got a hold of a loose one and Peter had his shadow back on.

    “'Oh wow thank you,' and he head back out of the room. That is when I noticed how he moved so silently, and hadn't noticed before. His feet, they never touched the ground.”

    The man stopped writing and looked at her puzzled.

    “He floated, in the air.”

    “He flew? Like a bird?” The man asked.

    “Yes, but without wings or effort. He could fly just as easy as you can walk.”

    “Amazing,” the man said and wrote that down exactly as she explained it.

    “Are you still with me?” She asked

    “Yes,” he said, “very much. Go on, please.”

    “So I ran after him, out of my room into the common room once again. I was intrigued but flying. 'Wait,' I said to him. 'Don't go yet.'

    “'Why?' He asked and headed for the other bedroom.

    “'How do you do that?' I asked quickly hoping to keep him for another moment.

    “'What?' he asked me and went inside my flatmate's room.

    “'Fly,' I said. He stared at me awhile pondering the answer to my question, like it had never occurred to him that there was an answer to it.

    “'Happy thoughts?' He said in response as if it were the only possible explanation.

    “'Bollocks,” I spat at him. 'happy thoughts don't make you fly. Or every time someone came they'd hit the ceiling.”

    “Wow,” the man said.


    “You went with climaxing as the example of happy thoughts? Not winning the lotto or having a baby?”

    “Are you here to judge me or record my story?”

    “Sorry, continue.”

    “Apology accepted, but now you're going to see this story get more adult,” she told him. “I don't know what it was; maybe Peter's confidence and the heir about him, or maybe it was my own loneliness or horniness, but I was beginning to become incredibly turned on by him. And then he said, with his cocky smile, 'I guess you're right. You would've hit the ceiling a half dozen times before I snuck in if that was true.' My heart sunk a bit, I was right someone had been watching me. My cheeks most have been red with embarrassment because he picked up on it quickly. Peter could read you, fibbing to him wasn't an option he was so good at it. 'Don't worry, I won't tell anyone want I saw.'

    “'You, you saw me? You were watching?' I asked and felt this dread come over me.

    “'Well I thought you wouldn't mind, you did have the curtains opened,' he said. 'You even walked over and stood there for a minute while I watched. I figured you didn't care. Look,' he said in protest, 'had I know you didn't want me to look I wouldn't have watched.' Now what I said about telling a lie to Peter not being an option, the same not hold true in the reverse. Knowing him as I did taught me that. 'So I saw you naked? It's no big deal, right? If it makes you feel any better I'll show you mine?”

    “That feeling of being watched, the one that fueled my fantasies that night had been Peter. That dreadful feeling, it started to erode. Those feelings from earlier, when Peter was watching, those came back. I felt the excitement return. 'It's okay,' a said, 'you don't have too do that.'

    “'Ha,' he said, I told you it's imposable to lie to him. He flew very close to me and looked me in the eyes. I felt that excitement spreading through my body. He had me curious, I wanted to see him naked. My excitement had gotten the better of me and he could see it. 'But I'm a little bashful,' he said and flew away again and sat on top of my kitchen counter. 'I don't get naked in front of strangers.'

    “'But you had no problem watching me?'

    “'Well we clearly have different feelings on the subject.'

    “'Fine then,' I said to him, playing his game. 'My Name is Wendy Darling. And your name is?'

    “'Peter, Peter Pan,' he said and flew from the kitchen and started circling around me like a hungry shark in the air.

    “'So are we still stranger?' I asked with an eagerness that must of clear as day.

    “'I guess not Wendy,' he said and reached one arm out. He extend one finger and traced it around my blanket wrapped body while he continued to circle me. And finally stopped flying around and was face to face with me. He leaned in and gave me a kiss, something I latter found out he didn't know was called that.

    “I'm sorry to interrupt again Wendy,” the young man said.

    “Yes,” she asked him.

    “But what do you mean? He didn't know a kiss was called a kiss?”

    “Yes, that same living on an island so far removed from the rest of the world thing from before. That applies to kisses too. He didn't have a name for them, and later when I told him I wanted to give him a kiss he reached out one hand like it was something you could hold. It was just a little later that night actually. I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't a thing so just gave him the thimble from my mending kit because it was in arms reach.”

    The man laughed and urged her to continue.

    “After the kiss he genitally undid the blanket that I'd wrapped up in and let it fall to the floor. I helped him from his clothing too. He was a very lean man, his body like a dancer's or swimmer's. Spending more time with him I learned why, living like him is not without danger and one needs to be in prime shape to stay alive. For every tell I'd given him he had one much easier to read, the sight of my naked body had given him quiet the erection.

    “I wrapped my hands around it, he was thick. And ran them up and down his shaft, he was long too. I felt so wet holding him. He started kissing my neck and I let out a moan. He nibbled at my soft skin. his lips moved down to my shoulders and he increased the pressure with his teeth. I closed my eyes and felt my knees weaken but he held my up. His arms where wrapped around me, holding me close to him. I continued to stroke him, his hard cock squeezed between us. I felt like I was floating on a cloud, and I should have. I opened my eyes noticed why, we were floating above the floor of my flat.

    “To be one-hundred percent truthful I was scared for a moment. The fear of falling, even only a few feet, is perfectly natural. But the excitement kept that momentary fear in check. I did wrapped my legs around his waist for a little extra security though. And with my legs wrapped around him and moved my body up and put my moist pussy on top of that rock hard cock. Peter may have been able to fly then but I was still subject to gravity so let it slide me down his shaft. It felt good, spreading my lips and going deep inside me. My vibrator had only been fore play compared to how Peter felt inside me.”

    Wendy watched the young man shift in his seat, and cross and uncross his legs in an effort to make him self more comfortable while she described her first sexual encounter with Peter. She liked the effect her words where having on him. She reached one hand down and touched her wet pussy in the shadows.

    “I rode him very slowly, he helped my hips raise and fall with his hands on the backs of my thighs. The pressure on my g-spot was so intense a felt my self about to cum quickly. I quickened my pace on him. He'd moved from kissing and biting my shoulders to sucking on my hard nipples, it felt amazing. And then I came, while he held me in the air, I came. But that wasn't the end of, we kept on fucking in the air. He even reclined back so I could sit up and ride him, my feet dangled below us. All my fears where replaced by such intense pleasure that it didn't bother me that we'd flown out of my window and where now fucking above the building. The cool night air felt great on my hot naked body. I felt him start thrusting faster and harder and knew he was close to cumming. He started looking for someplace to land so he could pull out until I whispered in his ear, 'cum inside me.' He didn't last another second after hearing that. He swelled up and shot hot load deep inside me. He filled me and then some. I felt his cum pushing out of my pussy while more was still rushing in. I was an amazing feeling, flying and fucking. And one I would come to enjoy often.
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    Re: Never Never

    Great setup!
    Take a chance...try something new. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; Titanic was built by professionals.

    Will there be cheerleaders there? Yes.
    Will they be wearing their uniforms? That's what makes them cheerleaders.

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    Re: Never Never

    Masterful storytelling!!! Great storyline!!!
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    Re: Never Never

    always one to please. sounds like another hot story

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    Re: Never Never


    “We slowly floated back inside after he'd finished and he carefully helped me back inside the window. He flew me to my bedroom and placed me on the bed. I felt his hot load of cum dripping from my pussy. A warm trickle ran down the inside of my thigh. Peter stretched his arms out above his head and floated above the floor. His cock glistened with our cum. I leaned in a gave it a good long lick, Peter moaned in approval. I savored the taste of his cum mixed with my own on his long shaft, something I've missed for a long time now.

    “'I hate to do this,' he said to me, 'but I've got to fly.'

    “'Why?' I asked him and got out of the bed. 'You just got here.'

    “'I'm need back home, I only came to grab my shadow.'

    “'Will I ever get to see you again?'

    “He shrugged his shoulders with a bit of indifference in his face.

    “'Should've figured,' I muttered. 'Just fuck and run, not even a kiss good-bye.'

    “'Oh, a gift good bye? I take one,' he said and reached out his hand.

    “'Not a gift, a kiss,' I corrected him 'a kiss.' But Like I said he hadn't a word for kiss where he was from and floated with his hand out. So that's when I gave him the thimble from my mending kit. For what ever reason he really liked it and had some profound effect on him because his attitude towards me change from indifference to interest. It seems no one had ever given Peter a gift before, the very act wasn't something he was accustom to.

    “He looked at the thimble in his hand for a while before turning his eyes back to me. 'Say Wendy,' he said with a cunning smile, 'how would you like to come with me?'

    “'With you? Where?'

    “'Home,' he said and floated closer to me again.

    “'Where's home Peter?'

    “'Never Never Land.'

    “I stared at him with some skepticism for a moment. 'Never Never Land?'

    “'Yeah,' he said with a spark of rejuvenated excitement and shot toward the window. 'Past the second star on the right and straight on till morning,' he said and turn back to me smiling.

    “Had I just not witnessed a flying man in my flat and held his shadow in my hand before I would have thought him completely daft but at that moment I was intrigued and willing to believe anything, no matter how far fetched it seemed. So I went along with it. 'But Peter,' I said to him, 'I can't fly like you. Do you intend to carry me all night?

    “'No,' he said and returned to my side again. 'Like I said, happy thoughts and...and...and...'

    “'And what?' I asked

    “'Ah shit, I can't remember.' He said and scratched his head. 'Just give me a minute and I'll remember.' He floated about and room straining to remember the other half of the trick that helped him fly. 'I got it!' He exclaimed.

    “'What, what is it?'

    “'I can't remember,' he said and I gave him a sour look. 'But Tink knows.'

    “Tink?” The man collecting the story asked, “who's Tink?”

    “That's the same question I asked,” Wendy said.

    “'Tinkerbell, the fairy I came with.' He said to me like I was crazy before he quickly changed his expression and tone. 'Oh fuck,' he shouted and shot from the room, 'I forgot to let Tink back out.'

    “I chased after him into my mate's room, the drawers of her dresser where open and the contents of her chest laid on her bed. Peter had been searching for his shadow in there before I woke up. A trunk in the corner was closed and Peter fought with the latch to open it but couldn't. 'Wait,' I told him and walked over to the dresser. A small silver key with a pink ribbon tied to it was normally hung from the mirror there. Peter and his friend must have knocked it off because I found it on the floor. 'You must of locked it,' I said and brought the key over.

    “My mate was a bit of a party girl, she liked the club scene and would go out most weekends. I joined her on occasion and found it fun but exhausting. In that chest she kept a stash of pills normally and locked it but it must have been unlocked when Peter got there. I popped lock and lid busts open, an orb of light flew from it and franticly darted about the room with Peter in chase.

    “'Tink, Tink, Tink,' he shouted as he followed it, swiping at it trying to catch it. He finally caught up to it and grabbed it in both hands. I tiny ringing of a silver bell came from his hands and he talked to it. “No I didn't forget you,' he said. 'Her name's she's she isn't...because she don't even know her....well better then you...don't be like that Tinkerbell.'

    “'What, what is it Peter?' I asked him. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I was very excited to meet a real fairy. Call it immature but I felt like five year again at the idea of it.

    “'Tink says you're a cunt,' he said very plainly. My excitement of meeting a fairy quickly passed. 'And says you have a smelly twat.'

    “'Gee, glad I asked.' Turns out fairies are jealous little bitches and have the vocabulary of the best sailor in Her Majesty’s navy.

    “'Eh, it's just her way, don't let it bother you too much.' The ringing became faster. 'Would you knock it off Tink, she's coming with us...because I want her to. Now help me, I can't remember what she needs to fly...well why not...because I need your help that's don't be like that...I doubt she's done that...because that's just gross that's why...fine fine I'll ask, but that you have to help me.' Peter turn back towards me again and smiled. 'Tinkerbell want's to know, and then she'll help me. Have you ever satisfied a horse?'

    “'A horse!' I said”

    “A horse?” The man asked.

    “'Yeah a horse,' Peter said.

    “'Absolutely not! What kind of fucked up little fairy is she? Some kind of pervert horse fucking fairy?'

    “'No, Tink is quiet the prude, and a decent lady...for a fairy,' he informed me. Turns out fairies are filthy little sluts and have words that make cunt sound down right polite. Still, if you ask me, she was a bit bitchy. “You see Tink, I told you so. So now you've got to help're fingers where crossed...really that's how you want to play that...' Peter continued to argue with the her, I could only hear his side and ringing noise she made. His responses the only hint of what she was saying.

    “So while I stood there awkwardly listening to half a conversation like Peter was on the phone with someone I idly drew in the thin layer of dust on my mate's dresser. It was odd because she was normally so neat and tidy. I drew a smiling face first, then a cock and balls, then a line cum from the cock's head to the face. I hadn't noticed but Peter had stopped talking and was watching me.

    “'That's it!' He said.

    “'What?' I asked and noticed he was looking at my crudely drawn erotic art. 'A facial? You want to blow your load in my face to help me fly?'”

    “That's quiet magical sperms then?” The man asked jokingly.

    Wendy regarded him from the dark coldly but continued on. “'No you pervert,' he said to me, 'the dust! Fairy dust is the second part. Fairy dust and a happy thought!' He shot around the room, so happy with himself. 'And now you have to help me,' he said to Tinkerbell and shook his hands about violently. He flew back to me and opened his hands. A little women sat in his palms beside the thimple he was still carrying, she was very pretty like a tiny doll. She had blonde hair so fair it was almost white. It looked like a puff dandelion on her head. She was dressed a shimmery sheer dress, so thin you could see right through it. Tiny jewels on her dress tinkled and reflected the light that seemed to pool around her. From her back two sets of wings attached to her shoulder blades, there where thin and clear like a dragonfly's. She sat with her arms crossed and her lower lips puffed out, clearly she was not please with Peter remembering how to make me fly. All around her in Peter's hands was a fine dust. He smiled and took a deep breath before blowing the dust in my face.

    “I coughed and sneezed when he blew the fairy dust at me. Tinkerbell leaped from his hands, slapped me across the cheek, and flew away. I was surprised at the strength she had for such a small size. When I finished sneezing I looked down at my feet, expecting to see the floor several inches below them, but no luck. So I jumped a little, and came back down each time. So I thought about happy things, and stayed grounded. Nothing could get me off the ground. 'It's not working,' I told Peter.

    “'Are you thinking of happy thoughts?'

    “'Yes, but I'm still not flying.'

    “'Hum, maybe we need to jump start them.'

    “A flash of jump starting a car came to mind. I didn't want jumper cable clipped to my nipples. Luckily Peter had another method in mind. Carefully he laid me on the bed so my legs where hanging over the edge. And moved down between them and carefully opened them so he was starring at my freshly fucked pussy. He started with kissing the insides of my thighs and slowly followed the tail of cum up them. His tongue felt so good as it inched closer to my pussy. I reached down and ran my finger through his wild hair while he made circles around my wet pink flesh. He started softly lapping his tongue on the outside of my lips. From the bottom to my clit each time. Getting firmer with each stroke until his tongue went inside me. He licked my cummy pussy and flicked my sensitive little clit. My chest rose and fell with each deep breath. At first I watched him but then had to let my head fall back onto the bed. I let his hair go and reached out grab the blankets beside me. I starred right up at the ceiling, my mouth wide open. I felt it building up, an intense orgasm getting ready to rip my reality apart in the most literal of senses. All I could do was squeeze my eyes shut and let out a scream of pleasure. And them it hit me.”

    “What?” The man asked

    “The ceiling.”
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    Re: Never Never

    This story is AWESOME!!! Well written and funny as hell!!! Please continue!
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    Re: Never Never


    “The ceiling hit you?” The man asked

    “Yes, and it came as quiet a shock to say the least,” his story teller told him from her shadowy hiding place. “One moment I'm screaming in ecstasy, the next I'm face to face with the ceiling of my flat. I let the sheets I'd been gripping go and they floated away from me. And then I started searching for the bed beneath me. I found nothing, I was floating above it.”


    “No, he was still at the edge of the bed, watching me. I was flying, on my own. 'I guess you would hit the ceiling if you came,' he joked from below me. I used the ceiling to turn my self around and he flew up to join me. 'It might take a little bit of getting used to,' he told me. And he was right, but he showed me a few tips. Before long I was able to control my moment and fly, though not as gracefully or effortlessly as Peter, threw the air.

    “Once we where both dressed, him in the strange clothes he came in and me in a sleep pants and an old t-shirt he said to me 'now come on Wendy,' and he slipped out the window. 'Off to Never Never Land.'

    “'Okay,' I said and joined him outside. My stomach was full of butterflies as we left the safety of my flat. It was a long way down and there was nothing holding me up in the air. But I didn't fall, I floated in the air just like Peter. Once my nerve calmed slightly I was able to talk again, 'what is there to do in Never Never land?'

    “'Adventure,' he said as if the answer was obvious. 'Oh the stories I have. Everyday is another adventure.' It wasn't so clear at the time but Peter lived for just that, his adventures. I found out that it was a tradition amongst the Lost Boys to tell great stories.”

    “I'm sorry to interrupt again Ms. Darling,” the man with the notebook said.


    “The Lost Boys?”

    “Oh yes, sorry. The Lost Boys were Peter's friends. Well more of his followers really. They were a group of young men, like Peter. They lived in Never Never Land and had a similar mind set as him. Like Peter most had known Never Never Land and nothing else before it. They all seemed to have grown up there or somehow otherwise forgotten about the rest of the world, an unfortunate side effect of their home I came to find out. The longer someone spends in Never Never Land the more the rest of world feels like a dream, one that slowly slips away as the morning goes on until it is completely forgotten. To fill their time they would gather around and tell amazing stories of their adventures. Something you would find quite enjoyable I imagine Mr. collector.”

    “Yes it does sound like a dream for a man like me,” he said to her. As he jotted down this bit of information on the denizens of Never Never Land pulled his packet of cigarettes out again. He took one out for himself and offered her one again.

    “Thank you,” she said and reach one arm out of the darkness again. This time she took the lighter back with her and lit her cigarette. The flame illuminated the dark corner a bit. The man could not tell but it seemed she was perhaps nude in the shadows, or at least topless. He could see the fair skin of her breast and two dark circles capping each of them. The prospect of her naked form excited him slightly as most men are when thinking of a naked woman. After the light went out again and reached back out of the freshly returned darkness and placed the lighter and packet on a small table just outside the gloom.

    “So besides Peter, and the Lost Boys, and the fairies. Who else lives in Never Never Land?”

    “Well, to help keep your story straight, the fairies do not live in Never Never Land, only Tinkerbell. I don't know where she came from before there. And I only ever heard of stories of other fairies. But I was assured she was not a. native. As for other inhabitants, there are plenty. The natives, as Peter called them, some of the other Lost Boys used far less kind words to describe them, lived to the south side of the island. Then there was the mermaids, and before you interrupt me yes I said mermaids. They live in the lagoon of the north-west beach.

    “And then of course there where the pirates. A horrible lot filled with filth and greed. They controlled a little port off the western tip. Their ships would sail from the west and make port in the little town, if you could call it that. More like a collection of pubs and whore houses. I could never tell where they where coming from or going too but you could watch there white sails and mast come in from the horizon and back. The port was ruled over by an awful man if there ever was one, Captain James Hook. I don't know if his surname was actually Hook or just a nickname thanks to Peter.”

    “Really? Why's that?”

    “One of Peter's greatest adventures, or so he tells it. He cut Hook's right hand off in a duel and fed it to a crocodile. Since then the captain has had an iron hook in it's place and a fierce hatred of Peter and even more fierce fear of that crocodile. 'I sure showed him,' Peter would say. Or, 'you should've seen his face,' he would tease while one upping his fellow lost boys. It really was a bit disturbing to hear about, dismembering even such an awful man isn't something I'd talk about so jokingly. But, given the source of the boast, it was hardly surprising how nonchalant he was about it.”

    Wendy sat in her corner, silent, for what felt like five minutes. The only noise noise she made was the sucking sound of the cigarette and the gentle exhale of it's smoke. The man didn't say anything either, he just let his host sit there until she was ready to start again.

    “I guess you want me to go on,” she said finally.

    “At your leisure,” the man replied.

    “Before we left London, and for all I know the real world, Peter wanted to 'have a little fun.' I should have know better but Peter was the living embodiment of mischief. His idea of having fun bounced from destruction of property to voyeurism to trespassing.”

    “'Come on Wendy,' he urged me on follow while he uprooted flower beds. 'Looky here!' He begged while we floated outside the the windows of unsuspecting couples while they fucked each other. 'It'll be fun,' he promised while slipping inside unlock windows. Inside one home he found a black marker and draw mustaches and crude cocks and breast on all their photos. I felt strange being inside someone else's home, and bad for not stopping him. He even as a joke, and I have to admit it was clever, rearranged the furniture of one family.

    “I knew it was wrong, what he was doing. I felt guilty being even an observer in it. But it was clear while he was doing it that he wasn't doing it maliciously, or in an attempt to harm anyone. I know it doesn't accuse his actions, wrong is wrong. But he did it just for the fun of it. That was the magic of Peter, a grown man with unbelievable abilities who's inner child was wild thing that control every action. Although when I think back on it, had I'd not been so enthralled by him I would have thought him a dick.”

    The man laughed a bit at that, Wendy did too a little.

    “When Peter had finished amusing himself with the unsuspecting sleeping citizens of London he grabbed my hand and we headed off. We went up, and up, and still up some more. The once big city got smaller and smaller below us. I got a bit scared, Tinkerbell must have noticed because Peter and her fought a bit about it. Her bell like rings and his defense of me is all I could understand. At some point he stopped going up and started going towards somewhere, Never Never Land I had guessed.

    “The air was cool that high and very quiet. We just flew for hours until the sun started coming up behind us. It's warmth on my skin felt wonderful. I looked down and for the first time since leaving London could see something besides black below. The blue water of the ocean was reflecting the yellow glow of the sun, it was beautiful. And just as the sun fully rose from the horizon a little island appeared on the opposite one, Never Never Land. The land dreams live in.”
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    Re: Never Never

    Just caught up with this story, it's great, wonderful well written & funny

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    Re: Never Never

    It's been a while, haven't had the time to write. But here you go, I hope everyone hasn't lost interested in the adventures a Wendy and Peter.


    Wendy waited while her sole audience member jotted down the last sentence. Once his pen stopped marking the page he looked back up, towards the dark corner she hid in so well. “Now what I tell you of Never Never Land is complicated. It's clearly not a real place. Not the kind of place you could simply visit. There are no maps to it, or of it. It isn't something you can bring part of back with you except the memories. It's like a dream but not a dream. Like I said it's not a real place, but still a real place.

    “Look,” she said to him, “if the flying man and the fairy haven't already convinced you I'm daft this part may. Even the kindest of the doctors started rolling his eyes from here on out and writing up the shot orders.”

    “Miss Darling,” the man said, “I believe you. If I didn't want to hear your story I would've stayed in New York. I can walk outside my apartment and go a few blocks if I want to hear the ramblings of a crazy person. I booked a flight and hotel here in London for a month before I found you on my own dime. I'm here to hear it all with an open mind.”

    After a long pause quietly she spoke again. “Okay.” She had learned a bit from Peter, she could tell when someone was lying to her and he seemed to be honest in his plea. “The tiny island of Never Never Land, home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, drew near. We flew in from the east, over a long white beach that back right up to a dense jungle that cover much of the island. Peter darted quickly to his left and I followed the best I could. He dove down and flew just above the canopy of tall trees, letting his finger tips flick at the highest leaves. I kept a safe distance a few meters above him, not confident is my flying to narrowly avoid any out cropping tree tops like Peter did. Tinkerbell dove down into the cover of trees out of sight.

    “'We followed the tree line down as the island curved. We flew along the south where cliffs met the water and Peter played among the jagged rock where white waves crashed and threw their mist in the air. I stayed close like over the trees but still higher and safer then the ever darling Peter. A wave crashed against the rocks below and sprayed me with ocean water once, soaking me. I stopped and let out a scream. My clothes, dripping, clung to my body. The water was cold from the night but the morning sun help keep me warm. Peter laughed at the sigh of me cover in water.

    “'It's not funny,' I shouted at him.

    “'Really?' He teased, 'pretty funny to me.' He said and then, like a bolt of lightning, he dove straight down below him into the ocean.

    “'I looked down but couldn't see him below the surf. 'Peter,' I called. He was gone for a while, I started to worry. I didn't know if he'd abandoned me or was in trouble. I slowly floated down closer to the water watching for him. My toes where nearly touching the surface when a eruption of water exploded before me. Peter came shooting out, a large fish wrapped in his arms and legs. He was quickly followed by the fishes would be killer, had Peter not snatched away it's breakfast. A shark, it's mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. A man eater, the Lost boy would call it, snapped at Peter and the fish. I met the beast gaze and did the only thing that came to mind, I flew up and up and up and up.

    “'Wait up,' Peter shouted from below, 'Wendy, wait up.

    “When I finally stopped Peter caught up to me. 'That was shark!' I shouted

    “'A what?' Peter asked

    “'A shark, you almost got eaten by a shark!

    “'Oh what that? That's just a man eater, it's nothing. They only get a few people here and there, and almost never a Lost Boy, mostly pirates, that's all. They're big dumb and easy to get away from, they can fly like us. Now come on, I nabbed this little snack of his is a peace offering for the Inj...' now Peter's from a different time and place. The word he used was, well not one a modern woman like me would use to describe a Native American.”

    “Oh,” the young man said, “got'cha.”

    “So anyway, Peter had caught the fish to bring to the, Native American, camp near by. We flew back down to the island and found a small camp of long houses on one of the cliffs. We landed and my feet touched Never Never Land for the first time. I hadn't brought shoes or socks so my bare feet had an unencumbered connection to the magically land. I don't know how to accurately describe it but it had a electricity to it. The island was something wholly alien to our word and you could feel it coursing through you while you touched it. It felt almost like your mum putting her hand on your back and saying it's not so bad when your boyfriend breaks your heart in university. Everything feels better in the world.” Wendy found herself smiling in the shadowy corner, she missed that connection to Never Never Land.

    “It sounds nice,” the young man said and waited for her to continue.

    “It was,” she said and let out a long breath. “The native's camp was surrounded by wooden walls to keep Pirates out. Peter, and the Lost Boys, could easily fly over but I was told they didn't dare after learning the inhabitants of the camp shoot first and ask questions later when one does go over them. Peter walked over and banged on the gate with one foot. 'Hey Chief Great Big Little Panther,' he yelled out, 'I said hey Chief.'

    “'Who's out their?' A voice from inside the camp shouted back.

    “'It's me, Peter Pan.'

    “'What mischief do you bring now flying boy?' The voice asked as if it was already familiarized with Peter's brand of fun.

    “'I come bearing a gift and,' Peter winced a little, 'an...apology.' I could see Peter crossed the first two fingers on each hand when he forced the last word out.

    “'An apology? From the rooster? Not likely. Your gift better be good if you want this gate open.'

    “'Alright fine you got me Tiger,' he said to the voice, 'I got a big fish I swiped from a man eater for breakfast.' He rose up above the camp walls to show off his catch.

    “'Fine,' the woman inside the camp said back and the gate swung open. Peter flew back down and entered through the gateway. 'My father is still not happy with you though,' a lovely young woman said to him. She was dressed in a dress made of animal skins, it was loose fitting but didn't hid the fast she had a lovely body underneath. The hem stopped an inch above her knees and was slit up one side showing one of her long slender legs. The back was opened and tied behind her neck in a halter fashion. 'Trying to pass Pip off as a woman and arranging a marriage between him and my cousin wasn't nearly as funny as you thought.'

    “'Ah relax Tiger, it was all in good fun. Plus how funny would it have been if Lion Cub hadn't passed out and pulled Pippy dress off before they made it back to the tent?'

    “'Yes I sure my father would have found it funny had the only eligible male in our family had tried to have his way with one of your little friends. And besides, how did you get Pip to agree to such a prank?'

    “'Pippy's a man of his word. He may not be able to hold his breath as long as me but he follows through with a bet.'

    “'Your telling me Pip lost a bet on who could hold his breath the longest and the loser had to dress like a woman and marry Lion Cub?'

    “'No, if Pippy lost, and he did, he had to dress like a girl and marry Lion Club. If I lost I had to eat a handful of bugs. Pippy's not a creative as me with his bets.'

    “It was then that the young native girl, Peter called Tiger Lily, noticed me for the first time. She looked at me and then back at Peter. 'And who's this? Nibs? No too thin. Toots? Too smart looking. John John?' She said looking me over. 'What's the game this time Rooster, marry him off to my father?'

    “'No, this is Wendy, she's no game. She's no Lost Boy either,' he said. 'See,' he said, 'tits,' pointing, dropped the fish, at my breast through the wet tee shirt I was wearing. The cold water had my nipple pointing through the, now, see thru material. 'And no dick,' he said and grabbed my crotch through the wet cotton pants. I jumped a bit and floated in the air a moment.

    “'Peter!' I shouted and slapped his hand away.

    “'Oh sorry Wendy, I was trying to prove to Tiger you where really a woman.'

    “'Well you could have just asked me to tell her,' I said and landed beside him again.

    “He picked the fish back up and handed to the woman. 'She needs some new clothes, girl clothes, and you the only one I know, that's not a whore down at the port, that has any.'

    “'Fine,' she said and lead us in to the camp. We walked behind her, many of the residents eyed us with irritation or anger. It was safe to assume Peter and his cohorts where well know in camp. We walked to a very tall and muscular man by a fire cutting meat. Tiger Lily handed him the large fish and told him to calm down.

    “'Hey yeah Lion Cub,' Peter said with a smirk, “Guess it wouldn't have been Cub anymore had made it back to the tent with Pippy last month.' The big man lunged at Peter with the knife he was holding. Peter darted in to the empty air above him said, 'too slow. Though I think it would've been Lioness had Pippy pinned you first.' The man growled at Peter and swung his knife in a blood lust craze at the marry prankster.

    “'Enough you two,' she shouted at the two men. 'Lion Club calm down.'

    “'Yeah Lion Cub, it was just a joke,' Peter said while circling him.

    “'And you too Rooster!' She said sternly to Peter. 'Not everything is a joke all the time.'

    “'Fine Princess Sits and Pouts,' he said and landed. 'Sorry,' he said and extended one hand out to the other man and put the other behind his back, fingers crossed. The other man took his hand and a shook it begrudgingly before getting back to work.

    “'Now that that's settled,' Tiger Lily said, 'lets find you some clothes,' she said to me, 'that don't look so strange.' The three of us walked to a wooden cabin on the far side of the camp but when we reached the door she opened it for me and closed it in Peter's face. 'No you wait outside Rooster, we don't need you the hen house,' she said through the door.

    “'And what I'm I supposed to do out here?'

    “'Maybe Lion Cub needs help cooking breakfast,' she said and walk towards a chest at the foot of a bed. The cabin was small but not cluttered. She had a small table a pair of chairs arranged at it. A hunting bow and some arrows leaned against one wall. 'Come over here,' she said, 'I don't bite.' I walked over to her, without the warmth of the sun outside my wet clothing and hair was starting to make me shiver. 'Here you go,' she said and pulled a large skin off the bed, 'Get rid of those wet rags and warm your self up.' I stood there and hesitated, this strange young woman was starring at me and asking me to strip down. 'Modest?' She asked and turned around, 'is that better?'

    “'What, oh no,' I fumbled over my words, 'it's just, well...'

    “'Fine,' she said and grabbed at the knot behind her neck, tugging it free. 'Is that better, Rooster's silly I'll show you mine if you show me your's game?' She turned back around and faced me. 'You Lost Boys, err I guess now Lost Boys and Girl, are an odd tribe.'

    “She was beautiful,” Wendy told the man.


    “Yes, she was a truly amazing looking woman. She was exotic, tone, and her curves all seemed like an artist carefully planed each stock of their brush when painting her into reality.” Wendy watched the young man and studied him. “You're wondering if I though she was attractive? From a sexual stand point.”

    “Uh, no, nothing like that Wendy.” He said putting his book down in his lap as if to hide the bulge that was slowly growing it from the thought of his narrator and her new female companion getting naked together, alone.

    “You're a good listener, but a bad liar,” she said to him. “Don't be ashamed if that's where your mind went, I told you this was a decidedly adult story already. You're mind is in the right place. I did find her attractive, from a sexual stand point.”
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    Re: Never Never

    I'd love to read the next installment!

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    Re: Never Never


    Wendy smiled, but her new friend couldn't see it behind her veil of shadows. She reminisced on her time in Tiger Lily's cabin. The collector of stories sat silently, with his book in his lap, waiting for her to elaborate.

    “Tiger Lily was exquisite to look at,” she said, breaking the silence again. “I couldn't help but look at her. Her breast where nice, round and small, with dark nipples capping them. Her stomach was flat, she wasn't a princess that sat around inactive. She had a slender waist and shapely hips leading to long toned legs. Her skin was tanned and flawless looking. A small tuft of dark hair was nestled between the tops of her thighs.” The silence returned.

    “And then what?” The man finally asked.

    “I played Peter's game; she showed me her's, so I had to show her mine. I shrugged off the heavy, but warm, fur I'd wrapped my self in. And, nervously, and pulled my shirt up over my head. I dropped it to the floor with a wet thud. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my pants but I couldn't move. I been naked in front of other girls before. My flatmate and I had changed in front of each other dozens of times. I'd played football in uni and changing in the locker room never so much as bothered me. But something was different, it had been since I stepped inside the cabin.

    “I had never been attracted to another woman before, not even naughty fantasy or a thought of a three way like most guys think all women do. One of my mates back before I moved to London was a lessy, she dated a few girls, but I never got it. I guess I would've had I meet Tiger Lily before.

    “'That's not how you play the game Lost Girl,' Tiger Lily said stepped closer to me. My anxiety took off like Peter, the sky was the limit. She touched my hands, her skin was soft. She pulled them away from my pants and let them go. She placed her hands on my hips and slowly moved them downward. Her fingers grabbed the wet waist band of my pants and continued their downward trajectory without hesitation. My pants slid down, and down, and down. Her hands guiding them the whole time. Off my hips, down my thighs, past my knees, over my cafes, and stopped at my ankles. I looked down and the crouching, naked, woman in font of me that had just pulled my pants down. Her face was even with my pussy, and close enough to lick it. I breathed heavy and shook, it sure it was more nerves then the cold now.

    “She looked back up at me, our eyes meeting and locking on each other. Her hands lifted one foot out of my wet pants and placed it back down. And then the other. I was now fully naked and my legs open a bit wider then my shoulders. 'Now I've seen your's,' she said and broke our eye contact. She was starring at my pussy that was starting, to my surprise, to get wet from more then the ocean water that soaked me. She put both her hands on my hips and gave me a gentle kiss above my lips.

    “I let out gasp and put my hands on her shoulders. I was torn: should I push her away or hold on to her so tight she couldn't get away. Her lips where electric, and their charge coursed through my spine. The urge to push her back quickly fell to the desire for more. Her kisses continued, working down and teasing me. I let her shoulders go and ran my fingers through her silky hair. The teasing went on and on. I could feel the wetness of my pussy building up. And then I felt the tip of her tongue touch my excited little clit. The electricity from her lips was a dull current compared to the lightening bolt resting on her tongue. I let out a whine as it zapped me. She licked my clit and lapped my my juices.

    Wendy stopped and looked at her new friend. “You're going to go home and wank off to this chapter tonight?”

    “What, no ma'am,” he said.

    “It's okay if you want to,” she told him and continued. “Like I said before, I hadn't ever had the desire to have another woman before but Tiger Lily quickly changed that. She brought me to orgasm quickly, I came on her tongue. And then again right after. I wanted more and she gave it. Her finger found their way inside me and quickly found their mark. I felt intense pressure on my g-spot before my legs went weak from another powerful round of orgasms. If not for my new found ability to fly I wound have dropped to the ground, instead I floated effortlessly in place. Tiger Lily rotated me as I floated and and I laid on a bed of air while she ate me out.

    “Eating out,” Wendy asked, “that's still the term right?”

    “Um, yeah,” the man said, clearly envisioning the tale he was being told.

    “Good, just checking. I'd hate to use some term that's been out of style since I left.”

    “People still say eating a girl out,” he reassured her.

    “Good because the first person I asked if the Spice Girls where still around nearly laughed her self to death. But any way, Tiger Lily was eating me out and it felt amazing. Her fingers fucked me and she sucked on my clit so expertly. I'd never expect to enjoy the sexual company of another woman before, but even less the words that flowed out of my mouth mid orgasm. 'Sit on my face! I want to eat your pussy!' I shouted. I was in shock hearing it in my own voice out loud. The young woman quickly got up and throw one leg over me and the next thing I new we were sixty-nining in the air.”

    “People still say that too,” the man interjected.


    “Sixty-nine, that still a thing too,” he said slighting embarrassed for interrupting her.

    “Good, I'd hate to have to start calling mutual mouth fucking just to keep up with the times.”

    The man let out a laugh and urged her to go on.

    “We where floating in the air, mutual mouth fucking each others pussies. Her, an obvious expert, and I, a timid novice in the fine art of pussy licking. I hadn't started eating her out yet, I hadn't a clue what to do. Her glistening lips where right in front of me, her clit peaking out from under it's pink hood. The smell of her aroma tickling my senses. So I just thought about what I liked and an my tongue the slippery length of her lips and flicked it against her clit. She tasted good. Her moans made me do it again and again. I knew I was doing it right when she started moaning more then licking. She begged me for more so I did as I was asked. I started enjoying eating her out and then a confirmation of my new skill came. She came. In my mouth. From my tongue. And it was amazing.

    “Clearly you know, I'm assuming, women don't cum like men. There's no stream of white cum shooting out of our pussies. No climatic end of sex until he recovers. Just orgasm on more juices to lick up.”

    “Yes I've made a woman or two cum in my day,” he said.

    “And you know how a man cums, right?”

    “I assume they all cum the same as I do, so yes.”

    “Okay. I had never made another woman cum before so this was a n exciting event for me. I had always loved making a man cum. It's so visual and dramatic. It was different with her, it felt more like we were in tune with each other. I know it sounds corny but fuck it it's just how it felt. And fuck did it feel amazing.

    “I just kept making her cum, and it got me so excited that it made it easier for her to make me cum. A circle of orgasms that for all cared at that moment could have gone on forever. But my mind was curious. I'd seen a dirty movie before. A boy I dated in university had a, to be accurate, massive collection of skin flicks on tape. We'd watched several of his favorites while we fucked. As I said before I never had so much as a fantasy about swagging another girl before but eating Tiger Lily made me think back on those old tapes.

    “And some of these tapes where just laughable now. Lots of peroxide and fake tits on these American bimbos. Loud fake orgasms and worse acting. But these girls always got on a bed together and rub their pussies against each other. They'd both lay there and spread their legs kind of like this,” her hands reach out from the shadow and mimicked the position with her fingers.

    “Scissoring,” the man said.


    “Scissoring, that's what it's called. At least where I'm from. When to girls do that, that's what we call it.”

    “Oh, well. So that's what I was thinking about, scissoring. Is that really what they call it?”

    “Yes,” the man said.

    “Kind of a daft name, oh well. So I wanted to fuck Tiger Lily and that was the only way I could think of. So I flew us over to the bed and crashed down on it. I rolled on top and swung my legs around her so are wet pussies would be able to rub genitally against one another. Her hot wet flesh sliding up and down opposite mine. Always thought the girls on those videos had to be faking it, and maybe they where, but I wasn't. It felt so good and found my self cumming quickly, and Tiger Lily wasn't far behind me.

    “After a few very intense, earth shattering, orgasms I collapsed.
    Remember we can't fuck with out u

    "if a a female shall be in KC chat, then there shall be men. But if she shall leave, so shall they." - Exodus 16:4

    One dick is for amateurs, real women are pros

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    Re: Never Never

    Sorry it has been sooooo long


    “And than?” The man asked.

    Wendy had been sitting in silence in the dark. She'd finished telling the young journalist about her first lesbian experience with the princess Tiger Lilly and seemed to stop after relaying the intensity of several of her orgasms. She was silent, but not inactive. She was veiled shadow, and knew it. She had one finger one her now wet and excited cliterous. She refrained from indulging too much and making noises that would betray what was going on in the dark corner of the room. A few gentle passes of her soft wet and sexually energized organ is all she allowed her self.

    “Miss Darling?”

    “Yes,” she managed while pulling her finger from her clit and her mind from that day in Tiger Lilly's bed.

    “And than?”

    “And then I, we, got dressed. Tiger Lilly back in her skin dress and me in something a bit more lighter. She pulled a very light fabric dress from her small collection of clothing. I couldn't imagine her ever wearing it, not knowing her the way I did. She was a strong and capable warrior. This dress was soft and fragile, far to delicate for her. She handed it to me. It was white with embroidery just below the bust and a had a satin ribbon the tied behind the back. She helped tie the ribbon and it pulled the fabric in to flatter my breast.

    “'Perfect,' she wispered in my ear and kissed the nape of my neck.

    “'Thank you,' a told her and leaned back against her. She held me up. I could have stayed in her arms forever at that moment. I felt weightless, which looking back on it was an entirely odd feeling because at that time I could very well become weightless on whim.

    “We emerged from her small abode and found my guide to this new world floating around the man he called Lion Cub upside down pestering the man. He spot us as soon as we stepped outside and darted through the air to us once more.

    “'What took'ya so long?” His impatience seethed through his words.

    “'You need to learn wait like a man Rooster. Your need for everything to happen now is childish,” tiger Lilly chastised him. She spook with a tone that seemed to booth be condescending to his immaturity and also with a loving compassion of an older sister waiting help the young man grow.

    “He flew right up to my face and smiled. And danced around in the air around me. “What now?” I asked of his sudden enjoyment.

    “'You know,' he said coyly.

    “'I do not,' I said protesting.

    “He flew so his lips where nearly on my ear. 'You two just fucked,' he said slyly, 'I can smell it on your lips.' He was a perceptive son of a bitch, nothing ever got past the leader of the Lost Boys of Never Never Land. He seemed to hold great satisfaction in that, like some sort of magnificent demi-god of mischief and secrets. 'Can I kiss you later? I want to taste her on your lips,' he whispered.

    “'No,' I said pushing him away a taking off into the air. He embarrassed me with his comment. I wasn't ashamed of what transpired between Tiger Lilly and I. I was upset by his interjecting himself into a very privet moment between her and I. Something truly special that his perverseness made feel dirty and not at all magically anymore.

    “He chased after me, leaving the camp behind. I flew off to the wood line outside of camp. I couldn't out fly him but with a head start a managed to duck into the woods before he did and lost him in the trees. I could here him calling for me, trying to find me. To my surprise he was making a game of it. Like hide and seek. He dashed from tree to tree, under every bush, and behind every rock. And laughed and searched for me. I forgot about one thing though in my hiding spot, the little cunty fairy.

    “Tinkerbell found me and without hesitation started up with her racket leading him right to me. When he found me I was sitting in the branches of a large tree curled up. It never got through to him what he said would upset me. Peter lacked that part of his humanity. When he found me I literately tagged me yelled 'you're it! Count to ten and come find me!' before rocketing off into the woods. He lacked compassion for anyone else. But his youthful optimism seemed to convey he did it with out malice, it was his nature though.

    “I sat in the tree, almost, alone for a while. Tinkerbell was there. She just floated near me. I could feel her eyes on me the whole time. Judging me. 'Fuck you, you stupid little twat,' a said to her. She just juggled and ringed back at me. 'I don't know what your deal is with me. I don't know if you're jealous, or over protective, but fuck you.' I couldn't understand her response, but the bell sounded angry. 'Maybe you're jealous. Maybe you wish you could satisfy him like I can. Maybe you're envious that I can slide down on his hard cock and the best you can do is rub one out to the sight of him.' Now I never could understand Tinkerbell but I knew exactly what she said next, the same thing I would have said had I'd been on the receiving end of my last sentence. She let out a loud ring and came at my face. She wasn't more then a few inches tall but her hand can slap with the force of a bare knuckle boxer's punch. I hit a nerve and she hit my face. She knocked me from the tree faster then I could remember I could fly and a crashed into the underbrush below. She took off in the other direction leaving a streak of bright light behind her.

    “Peter arrived at the thickets I was laying in shortly after. 'Wendy!' he said when he landed. 'What happened? What happened?'

    “He helped me to my feet. 'Nothing, just some girl shit,' a was a bit ashamed now of what I said to Tinkerbell. It was low and something only a cunt would say, even if that fucking fairy had it coming, it was low class.

    “'Well okay,' he said, 'never heard Tink yell cunt so loud before. I though maybe it was some new game where you try and yell it louder then the last person,' he said. Which explained why I heard a voice in the woods gleefully screaming profanity just before he found me.

    “'If we're done,' he said in an obviously fake serious manner, 'we best be moving on now. Our camp is just this way.' And with that he took off again. 'Come on Wendy,' he shouted, ' this way.'

    “I reluctantly stood back up, dusted my self off and pulled a few leaves from hair, and took off after him.
    Remember we can't fuck with out u

    "if a a female shall be in KC chat, then there shall be men. But if she shall leave, so shall they." - Exodus 16:4

    One dick is for amateurs, real women are pros

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    Re: Never Never

    You got the gift prof!!
    Take a chance...try something new. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; Titanic was built by professionals.

    Will there be cheerleaders there? Yes.
    Will they be wearing their uniforms? That's what makes them cheerleaders.

    chop jalapeno's

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    Re: Never Never


    “Have I lost you yet?” Wendy asked the only other person in the room.

    “No, no I'm still here. Writing away every bit you tell me.”

    “Good. If the fairy and the flying didn't do you in. And the magic island that's on no maps wasn't too much. Then I think you're ready for more.

    “Go ahead ma'am, I'm here for the whole tale.”

    “Before we reached the camp of the Lost Boys we had to make a quick detour to the lagoon. Now the lagoon was a magical place, in an already magical place. The water was bluer then blue. The sand soft and white. A gentle breeze blew off the water all the time. And none of that was the as magical as it caretakers.

    “When we making our approach Peter had us land in the woods to sneak up to the beach. He insisted we be quiet and stay hidden. When we got the the edge he moved a palm frawn out of the way and the sight of the lagoon hit me. It was like a post card from the most perfect paradise you could ever imagine.

    “But on the shore was another young man. One of Peter's lost boys, Toots. Toots wasn't the smartest of Peter's followers, in fact he might have come in dead last in that department. But he was the most loyal to his leader. He was extremely fit, and tall. His body was like a mass of lean tight muscles laid over more lean tight muscles.” Wendy's finger found her wetness once more thinking about Toots. “He had wild blond hair, long and flowing. He could have been a Calvin Klein model on his worst day.”

    “A bit smitten with him?” Asked the man.

    “Perhaps,” she said. Unbeknownst to her guest she was calmly rubbing her fingers over her aching clit in remembrance of him. “When I first saw him he was nude. His clothes tossed in a pile on the sand behind him. He was a little less then waist deep in the calm blue water. He was too preoccupied to see us watching him. His head was back and his eyes closed. His hands resting on the back of a young woman's head. He was running his fingers through her hair. She was bobbing her head back and forth in front of his hips. Her lips wrapped around his rock hard cock.”

    Wendy had gone from rubbing her self to inserting a finger inside her own lips. She was dripping wet before she started talking about her voyeurism at the beach but couldn't help but play with her self now. She looked out from the shadows, right into her guest eyes. The thought of one person getting pleasure while someone else watched became a recurring turn on for her since Peter first watched her masturbate. Her guest was unknowingly fulfilling her needs.

    “You watched him get a blow job?” He asked her, unaware that she was finger herself across the room.

    “Um, yes,” she cooed. “He had his strong finger in the little sea nymph's long blue hair. Guiding his cock in and out of her hungry mouth. Her perky little tits glistened with the droplets of water that ran down her chest. Her nipples hard and pointing.” Wendy had fully slid her finger inside herself. She let out a few soft, almost silent moans.

    But not quiet enough. “Are you okay Wendy?” The young man asked.

    “Um, yes. Quiet,” she answered and continued. “We watched Toots getting blown. It felt a bit dirty at first, if I have to be honest. But Peter didn't care, he never did. I turned to say something to him and saw he'd pulled his dick out and tossing it next to me. 'Peter,' I said in a hushed voice to him.

    “'What?' He asked back just as quiet.

    “'Are you, are you jerking off right now?'

    “He looked down at his dick in his hand and said 'it would seem so.'


    “'Well,' he said like it was a simple math problem, 'there are two of us here right now. I'm horny. So unless you're going rub it out for me that leaves only me to do it. So yes, I'm jerking off right now.'

    “I was caught off guard by but the act and his bluntness about it. But I was getting turned on a bit myself. So without thinking I took Peter's hand off his chap and started rubbing it for him. He reached out for the hem of my dress to return the favor but I wasn't interested. I stepped behind him and stroked him from behind, watching the show on the beach over his shoulder.

    “I helped him drop his pants down to his ankles so I could rub his balls while playing with his cock. Toots was getting his elegantly massaged in front of us. I tried to match pace with the girl in the surf, moving my hand with the speed and depth.

    “She let his cock and balls go with her hands and grabbed his hips. She took him deep into her throat and used her hands to push him in deeper. Toots was very fortunate when it came to size of his cock. He may not have been bright but he didn't brains with a body and dick like his. And I was simply blown away by his friend's head skills, she took him to the hilt.

    “While watching them and jerking my guide off I whispered in his ear about how good her lips must feel. 'Don't you wish that was your cock down her throat?' I asked. And 'I wish I had his cock inside my mouth right now while you watched us.' Peter moaned with approval of my dirty talk.

    “The girl was getting ready to finish Toots' blow job. To help him along she reached one hand between his legs and started playing with his ass. Peter's breathing got heavier watching them. I let his balls go and brought my hand between us. I reached a finger between his ass cheeks and emulated the girl. Peter's reaction was quite favorable. 'You like that?' I asked. He moaned more.

    “Our inspiration took things one step farther, she pushed her finger inside Toots' ass. He started moaning loudly. Not wanting to deny Peter the same satisfaction and quickly popped my finger in my mouth, getting it good a lubed before shoving inside him. I'd never finger a man's ass before, most men I think find it a bit girly. Peter seemed to like it. Toots seemed to like it. I found out a few Lost Boys seemed to like it.” Wendy liked it too, she'd lubed her fingers nicely with her own juices and was now up to her second knuckle in her own tight hole. She returned to rubbing her clit with the other hand with stimulating her back door.

    “'Toots didn't last too much long once his lady friend started pushing on his prostate, most men can't. She was an expert and pulled most of his long cock out of her mouth before he came. She sucked on the glands of his cock while he let out a grunt. It was very clear she was sucking down and swallowing streams of his cum. His cock twitched and pulsed while he came in her mouth.

    “The sight of Toots climaxing and me finding right where to push my finger pushed Peter to an end too. He wasn't so lucky to deposit his seed down the throat of anyone but his cock was rock hard in my hand before several hard spurts of his cum shoot all over the leaves and ground in front of him.

    Wendy kept her composure while she came. She had to take a brief break from telling her story while she did so as not to make it too obvious she was cumming. But she'd been taking long pauses throughout the night already so they weren't too noticeable.

    “After Peter finished cumming he floated in place, his feet picked up but he didn't go any higher. Toots stayed in the water, he seemed to adjust his footing a bit to stay standing but stayed on his feet. His companion though, she flipped backyard into the water. I assumed she was knelling in the water in front of him, the water hid most of her body below her naked breast. I was mistaken. When she dropped back into the water instead of her legs coming up and long scaly iridescent blue fish tail came up and pushed her backwards.

    “'A mermaid!” I shouted with glee. And everyone turned to face me.
    Remember we can't fuck with out u

    "if a a female shall be in KC chat, then there shall be men. But if she shall leave, so shall they." - Exodus 16:4

    One dick is for amateurs, real women are pros

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    Re: Never Never

    Take a chance...try something new. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; Titanic was built by professionals.

    Will there be cheerleaders there? Yes.
    Will they be wearing their uniforms? That's what makes them cheerleaders.

    chop jalapeno's

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    Re: Never Never

    Love this one! Can't wait for more!



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