Hey everyone,

It was brought to my attention that people have been messaging Admin for concerns about the forums. Admin is never on, when he is, it's because he is checking up on things and or installing or fixing scripts that the forums uses. He doesn't answer his private messages. So if you left him one and never got an reply, that's why.

If you have problem, concern or questions about something with the forums or chat. Please let Me know. I am the one running the forums and chat. I always answers my private messages. Can and will help in anyway possible.

Please note the structure of Kelly's Chat forums: Admin, Forum Adviser and Moderators. You can contact Any one here about problems, concerns or questions that come up on the forums!

Admin / Running the site

Lelantos ~~~ Private message him here

Forum Adviser

Sexyscorpio ~~~ Private message her here

Super Moderator / Admin

r_d_txn ~~~ Private message him here

Forum Moderators

Hershey ~~~ Private message him here

Dark_Eyes ~~~ Private message her here

Thanks everyone! Hope this clears up our structure here on Kelly's Chat!

You can also view it here http://www.kellyschat.com/showgroups.php