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    Re: Ask The Person Below Anything Sexual

    Yes while she sucked me off...lick the shave then lick
    Ever had a stripper jack you off on stage? Or in public
    For the third time to night....

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    Re: Ask The Person Below Anything Sexual

    Nope never been to a strip club
    Have you ever had sex in a car

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    Re: Ask The Person Below Anything Sexual

    Many times! Here are 3 instances : 1-Giving hubby a blow job while he was driving down the highway.
    2-Driving home we were both horny as fuck so we drove down a quite remote country road, and pulled off the side of the road. Had some wild sex in the car and when we were done we relized we were parked out front of a home with tall hedge so you couldn't see the house.
    3-Parked on a gravel road got my pussy eaten, gave a blow job, and got fucked. Few pics of this outing.

    Have you every had public sex while others watched?
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