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Thread: Tinybubbles

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by willy42 View Post
    Girl, you da bomb... whether you're fully dressed, completely naked or anywhere in between....no one compares!!

    Ahhh, green pants, now all we have to do is give you some green M&Ms and we will have one hell of a day!
    I accept your offer of M&Ms. Please insert them into my mouth with the quickness.

    Notice...my green pants were....TIGHT PANTS

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Tankrider View Post
    Dangergirl.. your safety guy does not approve
    He should know by now disapproval means nothing to me

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by CaryGrantI'mNot View Post
    Ummmmmm, I don't think you've ever been so wrong...
    ^^^^^^^^ I’d love to know what this is in reference to so I can argue
    Last edited by Tinybubbles; Today at 04:31 AM.

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by billyraw View Post
    Interesting customs. What kind of Scarlet Letter, Footloose town did you grow up in? I never wore green pants ever and I was horny every day in middle school. Mostly because of Laura who sat in front of me. She "developed" early.
    I never said it had to be green pants. Just green. In general.

    I know Laura. She is a slut and she stuffed her bra with tissues.

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by bangher69 View Post
    Happy Thursday Bubbalisciousness. Your Horny green is making me feel the same. I think the clothes just add to the allure of your body and The most amazing LADY here
    I love how you always put a positive spin on everything. You are priceless.

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Millerlite16 View Post
    OHHH how I love when you stick that sexy booty out for me! you look great in and out of green!
    Hehehe I think the whole room loved when I stuck it out, and then stuck it in and stuck it in for you...

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by lancewannabe View Post
    Ohhhhh I like that challenge because of the hundreds of shots of you alread posted thereís not a single one I would say is not spectacular. Take all the pics you want, but Iím saying right now that if YOU are in the pic itís hot as hell.
    Well then. Letís get to work finding unsexy bubbles

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by homer2 View Post
    These are not crappy pics at all and your words are a big part of the reason I am here! You look fantastic as always! You dont have to be naked to be sexy and gorgeous! I was not wearing green yesterday but these pics did make me very horny! I think you're right, being on bench where naked women park their pussies does seem to make it better. lol Have a wonderful day, dear! <3 <3
    Iím happy to spew words at you any time!!! I agree about not having to be naked to be sexy. Women and men prove that every day. Clothes sexy people are everywhere! In fact sometimes I go entire days without seeing a naked person. That is why Iím happy to have KC where that is more balanced

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Texman2016 View Post
    Great monologue... absolutely great! The pics are outstanding too, what a cute butt

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinybubbles View Post
    Hahahahaha any time!!! But remember I work in a retirement community....

    Later yesterday I went to the locker room again and noticed a lady sitting completely naked straight on the bench. No towel or anything between her lady bits and the bench that I was standing on just a few hours earlier. In my shoes. Which are ancient.
    Yuck, this is your only post I wish I never read:(

    I canít erase this from my mind
    Cum and play

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinybubbles View Post
    Well let me officially submit my request for a market adjustment to be made on your salary as my safety guy so you can quit your annoying day job and keep your attention on me. Iíve written myself a post-it.
    I officially second that request and if its on a post-it, its very official
    Although currently with my rate of pay I receive from you as safety guy.....if you trebled it...it would still be NIL :( ... it's a job I do out of kind ( and being a pervert gets me closer to you )
    Rest assured though sexy lady....you have my undivided attention xx
    Feel free to PM or email......

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    Re: Tinybubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinybubbles View Post
    We are just too cool for school!!



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