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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    My wildest fantasy doesn't come close to your real life experiences...
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Nor mine.

    Hot story.

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    So when do we get to read about the threesome part?

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    This turned me on so much

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Part 9

    The afternoon passed by very quickly. While the men where away to get some drinks Kate and me talked about our sexual experience in detail. She said she regretted to wait for so long to try another man, that she felt very natural and no guilt, and that she felt sorry for me that Juan was leaving. I told her not to be sorry, after all I did not fell in love! Then I asked her if the passed night was a one-night-stand for her or if she was thinking about more. She smiled and said something like “life is short” and I understood I would see more of Ernesto around her the coming days and nights.
    I was thinking pure practical now, about our room, how to do and I planned to ask the hotel if they had a room available for me to give her more privacy.
    Another day on the beach finished. We walked back and we said goodbye to Juan. The only thing I know about him is his first name, his hometown and that he will be back same weeks next year. I also know he has a big cock and he knows how to use it to please a woman. I am not a person who is used to come back every year to the same place so I am almost sure I will never see him again. After a good fuck with my boyfriend next week I will probably already forget him but for now I did not need to close my eyes to still feel him inside me.

    At the hotel I was disappointed. Due to peek season I could not get another room so we had no choice then to continue sharing our room. Kate appreciated my intention to check for another room and told me not to worry.
    That evening Ernesto asked us to join him and his friends to another club but lucky Kate was not much into it, especially coz we needed a long drive if we wanted to join and since we wanted to have a good sleep for next day’s surf class we stayed together and went early to bed after a nice diner.

    Next day started as usual and after surfing we went to the beach. I did not insist this time to go to the naked beach coz we were both too lazy to take the bus. I took of my shorts and top and felt sexy topless with my little black thong bikini. While I was still standing and scanning the men near us from under my shades I suddenly saw Ernesto coming our way. Pablo joined him and apparently Juan left yesterday together with Marco. “Not on the nude beach today?” they asked… Too lazy I said, but tomorrow I go again if anybody wants to accompany me. Kate looked at me like “why?” but the guys already gave in to join me and I smiled back at her with thumbs up.
    Ernesto and Kate gave each full attention so I had to talk with Pedro. Nothing interesting, about the clubs etc… Guess he still didn’t notice our age difference very much but every night in a noisy club is not my idea of a holiday. The only thing he did notice were my tits coz I can’t say he was looking in my eyes a lot when he was talking with me. I didn’t mind his attention and made sure to sit straight, shoulders back as my boyfriend told me, the best way to show my assets I am so proud of!

    Kate suddenly turned to me and said she needed something from our room, and Ernesto will just join her. I could imagine what she was up to so I stayed there alone with Pablo. The guy did not had much to talk about and I went for a swim to cool off from the hot sun. Pablo just followed me like a puppy. Knowing that Kate was having sex with Ernesto now, I got some naughty thinking myself. If Pablo is not a good talker maybe he is good in something else? He had the perfect body and I saw his cock the other day too and started fantasising with him floating around me. Every time on holiday I am hornier than usual, and also right after having sex I always want more. Normally that is exclusively with my boyfriend who has the same growing hunger for sex during holiday. I tried to stop thinking like this but I did not succeed very well. I did not want Pablo, not Juan, not even my boyfriend, I just felt I needed some more sex… I felt so horny that the first nice cock attached to a nice handsome guy I could get I would take and for the moment Pablo’s was closed one. While in the water I acted like I was a bit tired and hang myself on his back. He hold my hands and dragged me slowly out the water. Even I knew that it was just playing I felt aroused when my naked breasts where sliding on his back. My nipples showed hard and dark and it was not because the water was cold.
    Back on the towel I took advantage of the absence of Kate to ask Pablo to oil my body. He gladly accepted and he took his time. He did backside first and because my thong was just a small string between the cheeks of my bum it was obvious he had to protect my buttocks from sunburn as well. I was enjoying his hands sliding over my skin while he was using a lot of oil. After he finished I let the sun do her tanning work on my back but after ten minutes or so I had to turn around. I could easily do my own front but asked the unemployed Pablo if he would like to do some more effort on the “tanning-protection-job”. Of course he did not refuse and while he was doing my legs I was already looking forward and waiting for him to go up to my belly and upper body. As a gentleman he stayed away from my boobs and skipped them to go to my neck and shoulders. After he finished I sat straight and started to put some oil on my boobs myself to protect and make them shiny same time. I saw his cock growing in his shorts and smiled at him while pointing between his legs. He laughed about it and said it was my fault because I asked him to do the tan oil. He apologized to me but I said I see it as a compliment.

    We finally got in the right mood now and suddenly he had more “interesting” things to talk about. He mentioned Kate and Ernesto. They were gone for about one hour now and he asked if I was thinking the same about why they went to the room. I acted innocent but he made no doubt when he showed a finger going in and out a hole made from his thumb and pointer. “And you?” he suddenly asked, you had a good time with my friend Juan? I felt my cheeks blushing and was honest to say I had a very good time. That’s good he said and immediately asked if we already set something up to meet again. I said I did not had any plan to do that since I am married. Pablo tried to find out more about my private situation but all I said was “its complicated” and that I just tried to enjoy life and was happy to have met Juan.

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Part 10

    I took my phone coz I heard a message coming in. It was Kate asking to meet later in the apartment before going for diner. Fine for me, I told Pablo that I did not expect them back so he did not need to wait for Ernesto. He said he could stay like 30 minutes more with me but his friends and he already had some plans, eat, later club again… and if I would like to join… this time it was the same club we went before so I knew it’s not far. I said maybe, depends also on Kate. He took his phone and guess he was texting Ernesto. There was no reply and he said he thinks they are still fucking. I agreed and got aroused again thinking about the two of them having sex now.
    Pablo asked me with a wink if he needed to put some tanning oil again before he left. I let him do even the sun got weaker now, even my body didn’t need another layer of oil, I just wanted hands on my skin. The big crowd was almost gone and therefore when he was doing my front again I teased and dared him a bit by asking some extra attention to some areas. I untied the strings on the side of my hips and lifted the little ropes and put on the small triangle of my thong that was laying loosely now hardly covering my pussy. I said it was because I was afraid of white lines but I only did to arouse him. “if you like you can have my tits done to coz I am too lazy”. He had a big grin on his face and gave my boobs a soft oil massage. He asked what about my nipples? Don’t discriminate them I told him so he made them hard and dark… After he satisfied my breasts I asked not to forget to oil everywhere. He did his best and while doing my belly his hand slipped under the triangle fabric. I felt how he “accidentally” touched my pussy. Hmmm, so nice… I was laying down, looked at him from under my sunglass and did not react. I saw him looking around to check if someone spotted him and then did it again, and again and again with his hand. I opened my legs slightly to encourage him to continue and to risk more. I took my top and threw it over his hand. He understood I wanted to hide his moves for the public and he asked if I wanted him to continue. I said “use your imagination”. I felt his oily fingers now slide over my lips. We were both now checking around us not to get caught. I felt safe coz I did not see people very near. I opened my legs a bit more and that was sign for him to let a finger in, just shallow. He laid himself next to me on his side, one hand fingering slowly and his head resting on his other hand on guard. It was not real sex but it was hot, close and intimate enough for me to feed my horny feelings for a while. I used his 30 minutes in a most pleasant way and then he left saying he hoped to see me tonight. I only opened my eyes to check on his shorts which had a bulge again

    I stayed by myself on the beach a while longer and I liked it! I did my traditional in and out the water walk to cool off and enjoyed the attention more than one time. Strolling along the shore searching for some beautiful shells is also something I like to do when I am alone. That way you also have chance to get some male attention, especially when it’s not crowded coz then it is more obvious when someone watches you, and I can assure, when you are a woman strolling topless then attention is what you get. Then wat happened on the first day on the beach happened again. Two young guys came to me, introduced themselves, and walked along with me, nonstop talking, one left from me, one right, even helping me to find shells. When I arrived back at my towel they didn’t wait for my approval and sat down next to me… The three of us all had shades but the direction they were looking at was 90% of the time lower then my face. They came from Holland. I guess if I complained they would go but I didn’t. Life is serious enough so I gave them a chance. I am sure the only thing they want is to have as much women in their bed as possible during their stay. They had the same strategy like Ernesto and co: asking where is my boyfriend, me telling I am married but on holiday with my friend Kate, blabla and finally buying me ice cream! Déjŕ vu!
    The conversation was more direct and bold this time: they gave me a lot of compliments, told because they are boobs lovers that it’s a pity not more women go topless like me. Hmm maybe they are right. My boyfriend also told me that he read somewhere that walking around topless is no longer something you do, it’s not “fashion” any longer and women prefer to show off in bikini. And it’s true, I saw several topless women, but only for tanning. The moment the get up to swim or a walk they put on top or bikini. I realised most of the time I was one of the exceptions walking around with naked tits. It made me feel special, maybe unique, and hope never will come a law against “topless walking”.

    They also said I was the first woman they saw with string bikini. I reacted that probably I am old-fashioned! Asking if I like to be topless, if I like men watch me, if I knew I had guys getting a hard cock, if my husband is not jealous etc. I told if I would not like it I would not do it so as long it’s legal and allowed I enjoy it. The fact that men can see me doesn’t bother me, on the contrary. I kept it simple about my husband and told them he has no clue I am topless on a Spanish beach and that he thinks I am a very traditional and conservative mother of his son and guessed he would not appreciate I am showing off like this. “Oh you are a MILF!” Another compliment which did not hide their intentions! They were two strangers and they made me feel even hornier now. Not that there was an immediate physical attraction from my side but they made no secret about their thoughts and just asked me if I liked them and if the three of us can spend the night together! I said it seemed tempting to play with two men but I am not confident enough to spend the night with two strangers! They laughed about it and then jumped to the next strategy: if I want to go clubbing with them this evening so we would be no longer be strangers to each other... I came up with an excuse and told them I already had a date with a Spanish man in the local club that night. By “coincidence” they also planned to go there so maybe we would meet. Okay I said, we will see. I started to prepare to leave the beach… Always a shame to get dressed when you prefer to be naked! The two guys agreed by saying “ohhh ” when I put my top and shorts back on. I gave them a smile, thanked for the ice cream and waved goodbye.

    When I came back to our little apartment Kate was in the bedroom and there was no sound so I thought maybe they were taking a nap after an afternoon full of sex. I wanted a shower and took of my top and shorts. When I opened the door of the bathroom I bumped by surprise on a naked Ernesto just finishing his shower. I said sorry but he said no problem. I am the one to be sorry he said, coz he used our shower without asking for it seemed a good idea to fresh up while Kate was having a siesta. Since he already saw me naked on the nude beach I thought I did not need to look away from him and neither did I feel the need to hide myself. In a “familiar way” I came in and sat down naked on the toilet for a wee while my eyes rolled over his body. He was drying himself with our smallest towel and stayed with me in there. He said he did not want to make it wet outside the bathroom.
    Well, he was making something else wet! I had the feeling he was bragging while drying his hair. It was not a big space in there but I did not mind since I could have a close view on his cock. I understood why Kate liked him coz he was very well equipped, just like Juan. After Pablo played with my pussy on the beach I was only thinking of sex…

    Did I imagine Ernesto was tempting me? A quick eye contact with him told me I could risk to take some action. I did not think it over and my hand went for his fresh washed cock and without asking I started to stroke him slowly. He still had his hands with the towel on his head, looked down on me and smiled. I felt his dick become harder and kept stroking. “You like hand job?” I asked him. “Uhu” was his answer so that was a yes for me and continued. I wanted to suck him and pulled him closer, still sitting on the toilet. He knew what I wanted and hold his body in a good angle so I could start licking his cock. When he put his hands on my head it was time to suck, first on his top, then his big shaft. I felt him getting stronger and wondered if he still would have some juice left for me after he fucked Kate all afternoon. After several minutes he started making louder sounds, made me go faster so I let my hands take over again, taking turns with my mouth on his Spanish cock. Suddenly he moaned “Im cuming!” I wanted to have his juice on my boobs. He sprayed a modest load there after which I licked and sucked his top some more.

    I was thinking about a fuck too honestly but guessed the guy was finished for a while. I stood up and went for a shower myself. He was sweet in helping me soaping my body back and front and kissed my boobs and nipples. I felt one of his hands between my legs and recognized the feeling of a middle finger trying to find easy and slowly his way in between the lips of my pussy. While the water of the shower poured down on us I let him play with my clit and kissing my breasts. I was wondering how I got in this situation, less than one hour after Pablo fingered me I got another guy playing my private? Law of attraction? Suddenly he went down on me, pulled me partially out of the rain and started to return me the favour by licking my cunt. I lifted and opened one leg to give him more space and access to give his tongue and mouth more freedom to suck and lick. I enjoyed a few long minutes and then I told him we had to stop and go one preparing and wake up Kate. He understood, dried himself again and left the bathroom. When I came out he was with Kate. When they came out the bedroom a few minutes later she asked me if it was alright to go to the club with Ernesto and Pablo tonight. I did not want to be the bad one and agreed. We would meet after diner around 10pm. Ernesto went back to his friends and Kate and me had a simple meal in the hotel. We exchanged our spicy details. She about her hot afternoon with Ernesto, me about Pablo and the two Dutch guys, not that much spicy as hers unfortunately. I planned to tell her about Ernesto and me but preferred to wait for a better moment.

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Outstanding. I always enjoy your adventures!

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Quote Originally Posted by Millerlite16 View Post
    Outstanding. I always enjoy your adventures!
    thanks Miller, good to know at least you and a few others do the effort and like to read my long stories! xxx

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Part 11

    The better moment came faster than I thought. Kate started herself with a “you know what?” question. I said tell me. Well she said, Ernesto just told me while you were in the shower that he thinks you are a hot. Really? Yes, and I asked him straight away if he wanted to have sex with you too. And what did he say? He said you would not need to ask him twice! Kate laughed! So I used the moment and asked her if she would mind. She said of course not, he is not my husband! Good friends share everything – even better to keep my secret our secret! “Well, you know what?” I asked her… Tell me, she said. Well Ernesto and I already had a little rehearsal coz I had to take care of him while you were taking a nap! No way! I said yes, we had some fun in the shower! Wow! He fucked you? No, not exactly, and then I told her in detail what happened. She was fine with it, wasn’t jealous at all and I was thankful to have a sharing friend like her. In a joking way I told her if she got bored with Ernesto I would be happy to take over from her…

    As I already told I am not so much into loud clubs so I tried to focus on the fun things: a lot of young men trying to get women. My urgent need for sex I had in the afternoon dropped a bit after my oral encounter with Ernesto but I looked forward “being hunted” by those stallions. I planned to play “hard to get”. I told Kate I was going back to our room to find the right clothes for the night. That was probably even a stronger motivator to go to the club: a chance to dress sexy, which I can’t do often at home where I live. I am always supposed to wear classic and conservative, in private and work. Last time in the club I saw a lot of young girls daring to dress very seductive and sexy.
    I choose a light white dress that fit tightly like a glove on my body. It was a dress I bought a few years ago and tried it on a few times at home but when I checked on myself in the mirror I was almost convinced I would never wear it coz it was way too short and too sexy. Not the first time I buy something I never wear in public.

    My bum was barely covered, not only because it could not be any shorter but also coz it has a low cut bare back showing the beginning of my ass. Wearing a bra is impossible with that bare back dress. I knew I did not have much freedom to move without showing “too much” but I was thinking if I don’t wear it tonight I will never wear it! This was just a perfect occasion: holiday, summer, hot, party, fiesta and nobody knows me here, so no need to be afraid of insulting comments from people I know. It was also that kind of dress that wears like a second skin for which it’s not a good idea to wear undies. I can’t have that people can see the lines and shape of the underwear showing through the dress. Anyway, that night I did not need an excuse for not wearing panties. Even if you could NOT notice my undies. Tonight I was so horny and refusing to wear them made part of my exhibitionistic mood. Another light “addiction” I have to thank my boyfriend for: he gave me the idea to go out with very short skirt or dress and no undie! It’s a hot challenge where you don’t want others to see, but same time I feel I want to get caught during a Sharon Stone move. With the lights on in the room it was quite easy to see the little dark circles and nipples on my bosom. The white dress was sheerer then I remembered but in a club with less light it’s nothing to worry about.

    We were still early to go to the club and I decided to sit on the bed and have some private Facetime with my boyfriend coz it had been a while since we spoke. I got him on cam and placed my phone on the bed. I asked him to approve my garment while I was acting like a model in a fashion show. He said he loved how my curves showed in the dress. He was not surprised to see I was not wearing a bra and asked about panties… I answered him by lifting my skirt little by little so he could see the dress was the only thing I was wearing. Then I sat down on the bed with my legs open towards the cam and I asked him the rhetorical question if he was okay with it, me not wearing undies. He said he is proud of me and liked it very much that I followed his directions he taught me before. It reminded him how he had to push me for my first “short-skirt-no-undie-experience” in Milan, which gives him always a hard on. He asked me to give him a close up of my pussy and mentioned to see I was shaved, different then last time we were together. He knows I have the habit of shaving completely when we go to naked beaches so therefore he concluded there must be a nude beach near to show off. I said yes I found a mixed one, did not gave much details and told Kate was not really into it… he said that was a pity for me… I said I think we can go tomorrow afternoon… He asked me if I was horny now and I admitted “a little bit”.

    Then he changed topic which I was not waiting for: He asked to use my fingers to spread my pussy lips. I thought he wanted to watch me playing with myself and doing some cam2cam sex but suddenly he said “is this our pussy that got another dick inside?” “How you feel after experiencing a new cock the other night?” A few seconds I could not speak, then I told him she was happy and wet longing for his cock now. He started to ask more details: how old was the guy, how his body was, his cock… I felt myself a bit uncomfortable, heard my voice trembling but gave him the answers he wanted to hear: 31, sporty, big cock… “Bigger then me?” I said yes, bigger then you… “Did the guy seduced you or you seduced him?”… I seduced him on the beach … How? … First drawing his attention topless, later together on the nude beach… Then he asked how many times he fucked me. I said a few times during that night… “His big cock did not hurt you?” No baby, it felt all right... “Did you suck him?” I said yes… “Did you like his taste?” different than yours but yes… “He licked your pussy?” Yes baby, we did some 69… “Hmmm my favourite” he said – “did you like it?” yes baby it was hot…

    My boyfriend showed me on Facetime how he was masturbating himself while asking his questions and listening to my answers. I kept my fingers where he asked me to put and fingered myself slowly. I preferred to show him a close up between my legs then my shy blushing face. “Tell me which position you enjoyed most with him”… I said doggy… he continued wanking and the more he asked the more I felt my confidence grow to give him all details. “Did he came fast?” No he did not, he was good for a long fuck… “Really?” Yes really!
    I got excited to see his reaction on my answers and felt my pussy getting wetter. With cam I showed him my fingers playing with my clit… he said he was sorry he could not be there with me to witness and to make it a 3some. I said yes, would be great. I imagine you in front of me while he do me doggy so I can give you a nice BJ. “And trade places?” he said. Yes baby, I would like that! “Did he make you cum baby?” I said yes… “How many times?” A few times… “Hmmm, that’s wonderful” he said.

    This made him go crazy and he showed me his cum shooting in his hand! I told him I felt so good about the way he apparently enjoyed my sex adventure with Juan. Before we said goodbye on cam he asked me if I would see Juan again. I said no, he finished his holiday and went back home…”Okay good and what’s your plan now?” he asked. I told him Kate and me go to a club. “If I look at how you are dressed like a high class call girl and knowing you are horny now, I think you think to seduce another guy”. I smiled diplomatically and said “maybe, who knows? Would you mind?” “As long as you promise to tell me everything and to make it up when we are back together!” Okay baby I promise to tell you everything because I saw you liked to get all details… “Be careful – kiss – love you!”

    I was happy on how this conversation went and the timing could not be better coz while I was playing with Juan, Ernesto and even Pablo, there was always that little voice that wanted to talk me into some feeling of guilt. I felt reassured now that I don’t need to worry about my boyfriend. I also knew this was a short holiday and that I would not abuse this freedom to enjoy sex with other people all year long.

    Kate was also back in the room and followed my example: she changed her shorts for a nice summer dress. The only thing I needed to do now was putting on my sandals with high heels to make my legs longer and some make up. When I bend over to put on my sandals Kate, who was behind me, screamed my name and said she could see my private! Seems your dress is a bit too short and you forgot your panties! Not even gone out and already caught! I laughed out loud, apologized and same time said I did not forgot anything. I suggested she needed to try it too, coz it feels free, exciting, sexy and arousing. I did not expected, maybe it was the wine during diner but after first saying I am crazy she took of her panties without any protest. I was used to share the secret of my naked pussy under a dress only with my boyfriend and now for the first time I did it with another woman, who was doing the same!

    I told her I appreciated her doing this a lot and if she really wanted to feel the full excitement then she needed to change to a much shorter dress. She found an excuse in saying she didn’t bring a short dress but I did not let her escape. I gave her my own miniskirt and told her to try it on. It looked perfect on her! She combined with a sexy top and asked me with or without bra. Of course I said without! This way it showed well her little perky tits with pointing nipples. Before going out, we practiced how far we could bend over without risk. We had so much fun doing that! That and the sight of my wanking boyfriend still on my mind made me double exited!

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Omg i really cant wait to read the next part

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    Re: First summer trip since “open-relationship”

    Each and every installment has me hard and dripping, and wishing I could holiday like that! Wow


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