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    Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    He fell with a thud. The hollow thunk echoed through the halls of the Twisted Trader. For once, no one came running to help. He was alone. Blood flowed from his side, it swirled up in slow lazy bubbles as the gravity began to fail. Face pale, and wet from a cold sweat Alex drug himself through the ship. His aim, the Med bay.

    The lights flickered, then went out. Seconds later the warning siren blared.


    He rolled down the stairs, and the hall became a fuzzy sight in the distance.

    The light streamed into the room. It was mid day, and waking up late as normal Alex bolted up.
    His feat beat the floor as he jogged to the shower. It was a fast shower, and not very well done. He let the water flatten his black hair to his head. The soap ran off his body, and just like that he was looking at himself in the mirror.

    His stance was strong. His arms hung at his side, hands in a loose fist. His grey eyes took in every detail. His medium length black hair messily stuck to his forehead. He had what some would call a “dad bod” kinda chubby. Drying off he changed into his standard atire. Brown pants, and white button up shirt. He left his hair in a messy unkept look.

    The trip to the Scrap Pile was a short one. He walked up down the isles looking at the discarded ships.
    He didn't see many new ships today. He did see a “C-class” but the damage to the hull was almost beyond repair. The odd EVO MARK 3 was seen, but constant overloads and emp pulses drove repair costs threw the roof, making them not worth anything.

    Then it caught his eye. The back corner of row. A cargo ship. The official production name was SHAVA-5, but everyone in the known galaxy called them the hidden room.

    His vision slowly refocused. He could see the clear sliding doors of the med bay. Only 500 feet to go.
    The blood still floated around him. With every movement more blood slipped through the pulsing wound.

    400 feet.

    300 feet


    His heart sunk as his bank statement read 0. The ship and parts took everything he had. With no crew and no knowledge of repair he was in a tight spot. The first time poster rule was his saving grace. His add was short and sweet;
    Crew needed. Apply in person doc 14-b-98-p.

    Now all that was left was to wait. He sat on an old tan folding chair outside of his ship. The sun was still low in the sky just peaking over the ship behind him. He casted a loving glance over the hull. He had already picked out a name for the girl. The Twisted Trader. He didn't have that long of a wait before a short man, with an awkwardly long stride, up to him.

    “Morn' Maxwell is the name, but most people call me “Leaf”. I'm here to inquire about your posting.
    I'm a third generation pilot.” His words slurred together, almost to the point where there was no separation.

    Reality hit Alex like a truck. Pain surged past his side and up into his chest. The cry that was torn from him filled the ship.

    200 feet, 100 feet.

    The doors silently slip open as the man slid along the floor. Like a slug, he slowly made his way to the counter to his left. His once strong hands fumbled with the drawer. It felt like a lifetime to him, but at last the injector was loaded with adrenaline and with a click and a slight pinch, it was done. The surge hit him right away, and it helped. He could almost stand straight. Moving to the table, he began to stitch the wound on his side.

    The crew was growing, and the ship was getting repaired. Alex and leaf were joined by Heather, a tall blond with rough hands that were caused by years of being a mechanic, Talis; a man build like a tank, arms the size of pythons from his employment in the defense sector, and a skinny man that was very shy and quite who only answered to Doc.

    Spirits were high as the last part of the ship was installed. Now for the moment of truth. Everyone was in the stations. The com unit crackled to life as Alex powered up the ship. Lights slowly blinked to life across the terminals.

    “Power at 100%. oxygen levels 100, life support green, engine one through four 15% and charging.”
    Alex called out through the coms.

    “This is Alex captain of the Twisted Trader ID 574V3X92, requesting liftoff ordinance clearance to sector 17.”

    “Rodger captain, this is Jake at tower 2 prepare engine for burn at 50% you are clear for takeoff.”

    The crew cheered as the ship began its slow movement to sector 17. Everything was working perfectly. Once at the docking station all they had to do was sit and wait. They would soon be loaded up with passengers for the short trip off the planet to the space station.

    The wound was closed. The IV was next. He had lost too much blood. He carried the bag with him. He already felt better as the new blood filled him. With feet dragging he made his way to the engine room. All he had to do was put the new cell in place.

    Power slowly returned to the ship.

    A sigh escaped his lips as his tired body sunk to the floor. Just a moment of rest was all he needed before he tried to call his crew back to the ship. It was not long before he drifted off to sleep.

    The room was filled with a soft eery glow, cast from a single light. He felt the weight of chains on his arms and legs holding him in place. The cold steel on his bare skin made him tingle. The table beneath him was strangely luke warm. He slowly looked around the small room. There was only one other person in the room. She stared at him. Taking in every inch of his naked body.

    “Seems like my little pet has woken up!” Her voice had a slight evil twinge to it.
    “I tried to tell you what would happen if you didn't hold up your end of the bargain. You might enjoy it, but I will looove it.” The words slipped off her tongue as she walked towards him.

    Her hips swayed as she moved. The silk dress made her curves stand out. Her bright green eyes glinted with excitement as they looked over him. Excitement turned to lust with a hint of something else...

    Her hand lightly slid up his leg. A shiver cascaded through Alex as her fingers brushed his balls...

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    Re: Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    Oh yeah another fiction author here. I’ve always written fantasy but love sci-fi. Can’t wait to read it all
    Remember we can't fuck with out u

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    Re: Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    To be honest I didn't know if it would fit the people here. I'm also not very happy how it turned out upon re reading it now I think I rushed it...I'll do better in chapter 2

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    Re: Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    I published a few fantasy stories here. I didn’t know if they where going to go over well before I posted the first one but people seemed to be open to it.
    Remember we can't fuck with out u

    "if a a female shall be in KC chat, then there shall be men. But if she shall leave, so shall they." - Exodus 16:4

    One dick is for amateurs, real women are pros

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    Re: Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    I love it, thanks and well done!
    Take a chance...try something new. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; Titanic was built by professionals.

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    Will they be wearing their uniforms? That's what makes them cheerleaders.

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    Re: Twisted Trader Chapter one Flashbacks

    Sorry its taking so long, I'll get the next part out in a day or so



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