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Thread: Howdy!!!!!

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    Well, I was born in a small town near.......jk
    I have just came from another place where I had been for almost 13 years. Hopefully I have found a new home. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Hello Teamster and welcome to Kelly's Chat.

    Have fun and enjoy your stay.

    And here's an helpful bit of reading to get started ...



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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Welcome Teamster...Hope you have fun here xo

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Welcome to kc, you'll enjoy chat, pop in sometime
    I'm allergic to stupidity, I break out in sarcasm.

    Where There Is Fodder, There Are Sheep.

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Hey there sexy!!!! We may be bringing too much sexy here. Lol

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Dube, take you boots off when you come in the new house....backward country boy...lol

    Glad you made it over
    Bacon, it's Meat Candy

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    Cool Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Good to see you here!! If you ever come north - stop on by!
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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    What's up brother?!

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrRam65 View Post
    What's up brother?!
    Trying to figure out the lay of the land so that I know the best place to ambush the ladies.

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    welcome dear

    smoking is bad

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Hey love. Wonderful to see you.



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