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Thread: Massive Gamer

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    Massive Gamer

    I love gaming and always make a few hours a day my gaming time. Just wondering if there are others gamers here and what titles are you excited for this year?

    Personally Far Cry 5 looks awesome and I can't wait for Medievil to make a come back

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    Re: Massive Gamer

    I aint Huge............on Gaming lol
    I do play Battlefield 4 on the laptop, but still usin the old keyboard and mouse controls!
    I am on my 5th mouse now, I do get a bit frustratated !!
    I'm allergic to stupidity, I break out in sarcasm.

    Where There Is Fodder, There Are Sheep.

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    Re: Massive Gamer

    I've only just got into the Battlefield franchise. The matchmaking is some what skewed so I totally understand the frustration. I'm on my 3rd PS4 controller. I've never been able to get to grips with Keyboard and mouse controls

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    Re: Massive Gamer

    I love to play when I can. My boys are huge game fans. The games I tend to gravitate to are racing games but I am open to pretty much anything. They recently had Titanfall 2 on sale for 10$ so I picked it up and love it.



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