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  • Lick it!

    46 36.51%
  • Slap it!

    8 6.35%
  • Finger it!

    7 5.56%
  • Bang it!

    65 51.59%
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    close up bare ass

    wifes ass up close. Do you like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotmully
    wifes ass up close. Do you like?
    Absolutely! She looks Great!! Would love to see more

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    That ass needs a good bangin would love to see you do a vid

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    she has a great ass. I would love to plow that sweet pussy. Please post more that was hot

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    you really need another category, "all of the above." She deserves to have her ass fingered, licked and then fucked.......hope to see vide of all of the above!

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    I would love to lick it then bang it....
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    Love the shot of you cumming along her ass... I don't think I can choose just one of the options from above!

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    I'd like to do all of the above. Lick it, slap it, finger it and then bang it. MMMMMMMMMMM

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    YOU are sooo very AWESOME!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hotmully View Post
    wifes ass up close. Do you like?
    Sweetest Mully !!!
    You're sooo enchantingly beautiful, incredibly gorgeous and irresistibly SEXY!!!
    I'd sooo looking into your eyes as;
    your husband pleasures your pussy;
    you're orally pleasuring another lover;
    I'm rimming, tongue probing, your deliciously sweet lil rosebud;
    and you're ever sooo strongly, cumming!!!
    Since I'll probably never really experience this, I'll just keep hoping that you'll
    keep posting, your HOTTEST pictures of your cute lil ass and rosebud!!!

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    Where's the vid?



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