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Thread: Oops

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    My husband has always hinted around about watching me having sex with another man. I have to say that I never understood what would be in the deal for him but he was very persistant in his desire to watch me being penetrated by someone with a very large penis. I can't say that the idea of getting fucked by some well endowed guy didn't kind of turn me on but fucking a guy while my husband watched seemed a little odd. I mean how do you seem ladylike to your spouse while being cum on or preferably in.
    Anyway, I was busy doing housework one afternoon and the doorbell rang. It was one of my husbands friends. He asked to come in. He is a very attractive man and very tall with very large feet. He seemed sheepish and he told me reluctantly that my husband had told him about the fantasy and that he had been sent over to see if I would be more comfortable spending some time alone with him first and then involving my husband after. I was so angry I cried. I thought that my husband was the lowest to tell other people without my knowledge. His friend was very apologetic and seemed desperate to leave. I undid my shorts and pulled my pants and panties off. I leaned back in the chair, spread my legs and said to Jeff ' Ok, fuck me.' He knelt inbetween my legs. I closed my eyes and heard him unzip. I felt some pressure and then the sensation of being invaded by the biggest cock I'd ever had. I opened my eyes and it looked like a small arm was disappearing into my pussy. It felt like a large bat. Here I was in my kitchen watching another mans cock fill my cunt. I felt horrified for a few seconds then the pleasure took over. I leaned back and enjoyed all of him. I thought of my husband "you deserve this, sending Jeff over like that." It wasn't long and I could feel myself reaching orgasm and then twice. Jeff pulled out of me and came all over the tile floor. It was sexy and tremendously guilt ridden all at the same time.
    I waited the rest of the afternoon for my husband to call or come home. He showed up for supper and I greeted him at the door wanting him inside me as soon as I could. He obliged me right away but mentioned nothing. A cold feeling came over me when I realized he had no idea. We made love and then I said" I really have something to tell you." He listened to me and was very angry at Jeff but not at me. He said it was really his fault for telling Jeff his fantasy. I did oblige him several times after that and always enjoyed myself.

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    That was a quickie hot story

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    After that afternoon my husband was very attentive sexually. He doted on me. I felt sexier and wanted him way more often. He didn't bring up what had happened or his fantasy for a while. About a month later he asked me if I had thought about doing it again. I hadn't but suddenly I felt very wet. I cautiously asked why my husband was asking me this. He said that knowing that I'd had sex with Jeff had really spiced things up for him. He wasn't sure if he wanted to witness the act anymore but it turned him on that I could enjoy myself sexually with another man. I could feel my panties getting damp. I asked " Are you asking me to have sex with Jeff again?" He didn't say anything, just slid his hand up my skirt. Thirty seconds later we were having frantic sex on the Living Room floor.
    I left the whole thing alone for a while. I wasn't sure how I felt. I had been given total freedom to fuck Jeff if and when I wanted. As it turned out I ran into Jeff downtown one afternoon. We had a sort of stilted conversation for a little while. I felt flushed and extremely horny. He walked with me to the parkade and all sorts of slutty thoughts entered my head. We got to my car and I needed to fuck. I wound up with my pants and panties at my knees and Jeff thrusting his huge cock into me while I held onto my car door. God, he was huge. Right in the parkade I reached a very vocal orgasm while sqeezing his balls. I then felt him swell and a hot rush as he came in me.It was one of the most erotic experiences I'd ever had. I could't wait to tell my husband

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    Great story. Don't stop now. Please, please, please

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    I drove home that day in a daze. That was so erotic. I had no idea if anyone in the parkade had seen us but I'm sure they heard me. I was driving home to fix supper for my husband and I had Jeff's semen dripping from my pussy and staining the crotch of my panties. I actually found myself exploring when I stopped at the lights. I was getting hot all over again. I finally pulled over into a back lane, slid my hand into my panties and brought myself to another orgasm. I was so wet that a stain was actually starting to appear on the crotch of my pants. I finally got home. I quicky changed and made dinner. My husband came home and we ate dinner. I finally said to him " I had a fun day today." He asked what I did. I smiled and said " I went shopping downtown. Then I fucked Jeff in the mall parkade. Then I drove home and cooked dinner"
    My husband looked surprized for a second. Then he started to undress me as I told him every detail. I sat up on the table and he entered me as I told him that Jeff had cum in me. WE had a super frantic fuck and I came for the third time that day as my husband filled me with his semen.

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    Don't stop. I am loving this. It is one of my fantasy's actually.

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    don't leave me hanging on....
    more please XX

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    For several weeks after the parking lot thing my husband and I had sex daily, sometimes twice. It was very hot and exciting. We even re-enacted the parking lot fuck. It was a lot of fun and I got to have a lot of orgasms. The whole Jeff thing was left on the back burner.
    We went to a garden party for some friends about a month later. It was a sweltering hot day. Everyone was either in the pool or close to it. Jeff was there. I had thought that I wasn't interested anymore but as soon as I saw him I started to lubricate. I didn't mention anything to my husband. Jeff came over and started hinting around. I started to get very aroused but I was determined to not go there unless my husband brought it up. My husband saw me talking to Jeff. He came over when Jeff went to get a drink. He suggested that I could wander off into the treed area of the yard. No one would see us and he thought that maybe he was ready to watch.
    The three of us wandered off from the party. It was surreal - all of us knew that Jeff and I were going to fuck and my husband was going to watch.
    To say that it was great sex would be an understatement. Laying on the forrest floor looking up at the trees while Jeff brought me to three orgasms by thrusting his enormous cock into me over and over and over while my husband looked on in approval. Well how can you beat that.

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    good stories please write more

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    wow shelly,great story!

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    true story

    After Pat got showered we sat on the couch,by now it was almost three pm.
    The livingroom blinds were open and we saw Dave drive up soon after.
    Dave let himself in,I already had a beer on the coffee table for him.
    "Well doesn't Pat get a hello kiss?,I said to Dave.
    Dave leaned over in front of Pat and they started kissing,it got me hard again
    watching them necking.
    They broke the kiss and both had another drink and we chatted some more.
    Things were moving pretty slow so I said,
    "Shes been waiting all day for you,you can do better than that!"
    Dave slipped his hand under Pats blouse and said,
    "How's this?" and grinned his foolish grin.
    Pat reached over and started rubbing Dave through his jeans and they started
    necking again.
    I started feeling Pats other titty and unbuttoning her blouse releasing her
    big tits for him to play with.I watched Dave squeeze Pats hard nipples then he
    dove face first onto the left one.
    I tugged at Pats panties and she lifted her hips and I slid them off.
    I pushed between her thighs and started tongueing her freshly showered pussy.
    I moved back on the couch and watched Pat take Daves jeans off,his six inch cock
    was standing at attention as Pat stroked him.
    Pat got up and led Dave to the bedroom.
    I took my time walking in behind them and stood at the bedroom door and watched
    Pat suck Daves cock,licking and sucking his balls softly.I sat at the side of the
    bed,Daves eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged,Pat waved me closer
    with her right hand as she held his cock with her left,she had stopped sucking Dave
    and I knew she wanted me to suck him.I slipped my mouth over his hard cock and
    got a salty suprise,Dave was cumming in my mouth !!
    I never skipped a beat and kept sucking him as he moaned,he was looking right at me
    by now as he finished unloading his salty cum in my mouth.
    Pat grinned from ear to ear as she fingered herself watching me finish him off!
    I reached over and slapped her ass and said"you set me up!"
    "I wanted to see you take his load" she laughed
    "Well you got your wish!"
    Pat moved up beside dave and I moved behind her.I slipped in her easily
    and started slow pumping her while i watched Dave suck on her nipples.
    Dave was feeling her clit and sucking from one titty to the other and his cock
    was hard again.
    "You're turn,you owe her some cock."
    I moved to the bottom of the bed as Dave mounted my girlfriend,I loved the
    view from behind.
    Dave lifted Pats legs up on his shoulders and I watched as he stroked into her with
    increasing vigor.I rubbed my balls and stroked my hardon as Daves balls slapped
    against Pats ass.Dave started slapping into Pat faster and faster and Pat was grunting
    and cumming.Daves ass stopped for a minute then he started jerking into her
    dumping his load deep.
    I watched as with a loud grunt Dave rolled off my woman and sprawled on his back.
    Pat was splayed out on her back with her cunt gaping with cream,I slipped my face
    down and enjoyed the heady aroma of their fuck.I lapped Pat gently clean and moved
    back to the livingroom.
    Dave finished his beer and said he had to get home promising he'd drop by the trailor
    on Sunday.
    When Dave left I peeked in on Pat,she was sound asleep and snoring gently,
    no wonder to me as she'd just had three cocks in one day!

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    This story is out os sequence but happened last summer,i had posted on literotica and just got it back(lost my old hard drive)


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