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    Sexy Sister In-Law

    I know I know, you're probably saying, 'yeah right, another sister in-law story'. But wait, before you hit your back button, you need to read this. I will keep each installment short.

    First I was searching for this kind of forum on the net to post this unbelievable story.

    Let's begin, shall we?

    I'm a happily married male with a young daughter. A few weeks ago we visited my wife's sister. We usually visit twice a year. She lives in a beautiful home. Three floors, bedrooms on the top, kitchen, living room, den, office etc. on the middle floor and in the basement, are a few beds, couch, tv, etc.

    When we visit we stay in the basement.

    The first night after the kids went to bed, me, my wife, her sister and her husband were sitting around the kitchen table shooting the breeze like we normally do.

    Same old bullshit, a couple of beers here and some leftover pizza there.

    I happened to notice my sister in-law stretching while we were all talking. She had on black tights and a t-shirt. Oh, let me describe her.

    5'6" 125, blonde hair, average body. She bikes every morning.

    My wife mentioned to me a few weeks ago that her sister was unhappy with her husband's sex drive as of late. They have two children 11 and 7.

    I noticed my wife's sister putting her foot up on the counter and stretching her hammy.

    She was looking out towards the living room, not realizing I was staring at her. She had great legs. And when she walked around, I made it a point to check her ass out.

    In black tights, you can just imagine hot it looks.

    Anyways, after some leg stretching, I noticed her rolling her neck while her husband told a boring story. My wife was laughing, I was staring at her sister.

    "Oh my neck is killing me" she said as she did a few rolls from left to right.

    At about midnight, everyone agreed it was getting late and we had three kids in the house who were going to be up early.

    We said good night and went downstairs to sleep.

    During the night, I couldn't sleep.

    I tossed and turned.

    At about 2:00 AM I walked upstairs and into their computer room. I logged on and was sitting there checking email.

    Without warning, my wife's sister walked in.

    "Hi" she said.

    "Oh hi, sorry, hope you don't mind I'm on your computer?" I asked as I turned my attention to her. She stood in the doorway with her PJ's on. Nothing sexy; pants and top.

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    So what happened next?
    Where is the rest of the story.

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    Good start, Please continue. Love the visual of your sis-in-law in her black tights as I was picturing her in black stockings.

    Keep it up.

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    Sexy Sister In-Law Pt2

    While I was sitting there on their computer, she said to me, "I can't sleep". I watched her plop down on the futon and said, "Me niether".

    Now let me explain - I think my sister in-law is a bitch. I really have no use for her. She is mean, spiteful, and very rude. I didn't like her from day 1.

    I turned my attention to the computer, she was soundless behind me on the futon.

    After a few moments of silence, she said, 'My fucking neck is killin' me'. I turned around in the chair and watched her doing her neck rolls again.

    "Have you taken anything?" I asked.

    "Yes, been taking pills for a week, I'm sick of taking them."

    "Maybe you need to get a massage?" I suggested.

    "I'm going tomorrow, the guy is supposed to be the best."

    I looked at her some more - for the first time in ten years I had a sexual feel about her. Even earlier in the night after watching her stretch and staring at her ass, I never had any desire to fuck her. Her attitude was a turn off to me. She was funny at times, but there really never was a desire for me to see her in a sexual way.

    But now in their home office, with her lying on the futon and everyone asleep, I felt like making a move on her.

    Fuck it, I figured it was now or never. If she tells me no, she tells me no. I have nothing to lose. If she tells my wife, I will deny it, my wife knows how much I hate the bitch anyways.

    She sat up on the futon, eyes closed, turning her head from side to side. Without telling her, I got up, stood in front of her and began to rub her shoulders.

    "That's not necessary." she said. But gave no movement of pulling away.

    "No problem, let me try and help." As I increased my grip on her very tight shoulders and began to squeeze.

    She didn't resist.

    'Wow, that's incredible', she said as she began to enjoy it.

    Here I was standing in front of her with nothing but gym shorts on.

    After five minutes, she said, "Thank you, it feels better."

    She pulled away, I looked at her and said, 'I saw you stretching your legs tonight, legs hurt too?'

    'Yeah, I pulled a hamstring biking'.

    "Lie down, I will work it for you." I said.

    'No, no, really I'm going to a pro tomorrow'. She answered.

    I don't know where this came from but it came out of my mouth, "Lie the fuck down, I'm going to give you the best massage on your legs you've ever had!"

    She looked up at me, and turned on her stomach.

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    oh dam where's the rest,this is gonna be hot I can tell

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    Sister In-Law Pt3

    Staring at her body while faced down on the bed I said to her, "I'm better than a pro", as I began to massage the back of her leg with both my hands.

    "Do you think Mary will mind?" She asked sounding concerned about my wife would think.

    "Fuck Mary!" I said, as I ran my hands very slow up and down her right hamstring.

    This went on for the next couple of minutes. I could see her eyes closed from the light of the computer screen. I was now kneeling down in front of the bed rubbing both her strong legs.

    "You have great legs", I whispered to her.

    "Thanks", she replied.

    "Does your husband massage you?" I asked.


    "Well that's a shame." I replied.

    "Tell me about it." she said as she glanced up at me.

    A few more minutes of rubbing her hamstring and I could tell she was really enjoying it. When I would get up towards the top of her hamstring, right where the ass cheek meets I stayed up in that area a bit longer withe my hand. Her PJ's were paper thin so I thought I would push my luck.

    With my fingers I would try and reach for her pussy all along still rubbing her hamstring with the palm of my hand.

    Not a word from her.

    I finally said to myself, "fuck it, I'm going for it!"

    As I started to rub her moist pussy, she quickly jumped up, "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

    "Take it easy, just relax", I said.

    "Noooo, you're married to my sister and she's right downstairs." She said as she began to get up from the futon.

    I stood up in front of her.

    "Listen you sexy thing, I want to finish this massage and make you feel better, you are so tense during the day, I can see the stress on your face...I'm going to help you."

    She looked at me and tried to walk past me towards the door, that was wide open.

    I grabbed her by the wrist.

    "Let go of me!" she whispered.

    I pulled her towards me, easily overpowering her. (I'm 6'3' 225)

    Face to face, we were now staring in each other's eyes.

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    Please continue!!!!!!!!!

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    PSST! I have an album up now -- http://www.kellyschat.com/album.php?albumid=7052

    "tis a fair thought to lie between a maid's legs" Wm Shakespeare

    "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe." Othello

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    Sister In-Law Pt4

    Sorry about the delay...Something happened last night that will be added to the next story (:

    A little background on all involved - I already told you about my sister in-law, her husband though is a wimp. 5'6" glasses, curly hair, dopey looking and into his job. My sister in-law had actually told my wife they hardly sleep in the same bed anymore; hence her coming down to the futon. She also told my wife he has the smallest dick she has ever seen; ouch!

    They have two kids so they at least had sex at one time. This babe is someone who if you saw her, you would want to fuck her. When we first met about 12 years ago I thought she was sexy, but after getting to know her, she turned me off with her shit attitude. But for some reason, watching her stretch, I had feelings of paying her back for being such a bitch all these years.

    Standing before her in the room, she looked a bit nervous while I clutched her. "Please let go of me." she asked.

    "No, I'm going to massage you, you'll be thanking me afterwards." I countered. I really had no interest in the massage, I wanted this piece of ass so bad.

    I leaned forward and went to kiss her lips. She had some kind of lip ointment spread all over. She tried to turn her head, while I held her wrists. "Why not?' I asked.

    "NO!" she replied as she tried to break free.

    "Don't fight this, I know you can use a massage" I protested.

    As she realized she had no chance of breaking free, (I thought for a second she gave up trying to pull away) she said, 'Ok, but just massage my shoulders',

    "Sure, not a problem" as I smiled at her.

    I let her go, as she passed me I could smell her perfume; she walked over to the futon and sat sideways as I followed her and sat behind her.

    I began rubbing both shoulders, concentrating on her traps. "You're so tense baby, you need to chill out" I said to her - that go zero response. Don't think she had any interest in my talk.

    Every few seconds I would slide my hands on top of her shoulders and down her arms.

    "Hey, just my shoulders" she said as she turned her head back towards me, giving me a mean look.

    "Relax, your arms are connected to your shoulders" as I explained some medical bullshit I recalled from some bullshit health class back in college.

    I could feel her loosening up. She wasn't as tense. She was not resisting, she was rather enjoying it.

    Glancing over at the digital clock on the desk, it now read 3:15.

    If I was going to make my move, I better get on with it; plus, I knew somewhere around 4ish, my wife got up and had to go to the restroom - it was like clockwork.

    As I stared at my sister in-law, I noticed she had her eyes closed and she was clearly enjoying her massage.

    I leaned over and looked down her PJ top which was opened. Through the moon light I could see her erect nipples; and boy were they big. Earlier that morning I had noticed her nipples through her tight biking top when she came back from her morning ride and wondered about sucking them like a baby.

    While rubbing her lats, and without warning I ran my right hand around to her right breast. I cupped the entire bulb and began to rub it.

    No resistance.

    She tilted her head to the side, eyes closed.

    I then ran my left hand around her and cupped her other breast.

    Again, no resistance.

    Matter of fact, she began to moan.

    I gradually began to rub her breasts harder, pinching her erect nipples. The massaging now turned to her nice sized tits - she began to move her body in unison with my kneading.

    Finally, she turned, faced me and wrapped her arms around me, sliding her tongue in my mouth...

    This 'closet-slut' wanted to be fucked.

    "If we're going to do it, we better hurry, Michael gets up at 5" She said.

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    Thumbs up

    Yes, keep going can't wait for the next scene. Good story.

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    Sister In-Law Pt5

    Music to my ears...'If we want to do this'

    I shut the door to the room and turned back around and saw her removing her PJ's. It was quiet. I was thinking, shit, if anyone comes down or upstairs, I'm fucked. What if she screams and moans?

    But oh well, I'm going for this. I ain't letting this opportunity slip away.

    She hopped back down on the futon and spread her legs. She was like a teenager, very excited.

    "C'mon, fuck me with that big dick." She asked as she rubbed her erect nipples.

    I stared at her and thought to myself, I'm going to abuse this bitch for all the times she made our lives miserable. On vacations she bitched, cried and complained about everything. It got to a point I stopped attending get- together's with my wife's family because of this whiny little cunt.

    She was going to be my slave. I was going to tease the shit out of her.

    My wife had told me when they were in college, her sister was the biggest slut.

    "She fucked two football players one night" My wife informed me.

    I inched closer to the futon, looked down at the helpless, horny sister in-law.

    "C'mon, Mary told me how good you are." She revealed, almost in a begging voice.

    'Oh she did huh?"

    'Yes, she said you can really fuck!"

    "My wife has a big fucking mouth!" I shot back.

    "It's ok, I love her stories about the two of you, after she tells me, I play with my pussy thinking of your big dick inside of me." She said.

    Hmmm...so she's been thinking of me huh?

    "How long have you been thinking of me?' I asked as she stood up and pulled me towards her.

    "A long time now fuck me!" she cried.

    She ripped off my gym shorts.

    'Easy baby, easy." I said.

    "No, fuck me now!' She cried. "C'mon".

    I didn't like her bossy, bitchy attitude.

    I ripped away from her clutch and stood up.

    'What's wrong, don't you want this'? She asked as she spread her legs and began to touch herself.

    "Yeah I want it, and I'm going to get it."

    She reached up again and lunged for my rock-hard rod sticking out just inches from her face.

    "But we're going to do this the way I want." I explained.

    She looked puzzled.

    'I don't care honey, I need that dick', as she placed her hands on it while I stood and watched her.

    This bitch was pudding in my hand. I knew I had her.

    I pulled back, and threw her down on the futon.

    "Back the fuck up!' I commanded.

    "What's wrong?" she asked.

    I leaned over, pulled her up to me and demanded, "You're going to be all mine, you got that?"

    She just stared, looking nervous.

    "I'm going to turn you into the cum-slut you are behind the scenes."

    Again, the dumb look on her cute face.

    "We're going to stay for a week here and you and I are going to fuck around whenever I want, ok?"

    She nodded her head in agreement.

    I pulled her up to me, grabbing her face and kissing her. I ran my tongue around her mouth, licking her teeth, lips and all the while, she was moaning like a dog in heat.

    I knew I was running out of time though.

    I pulled away from her and turned her around and sat her down on the computer chair. She was naked. I could see her very lean body. Her tits were very nice, her legs long and tanned. Her feet were gorgeous. I had seen her with sandals on in the past but never thought of her feet.

    "Imagine your husband walked in right now?" I said

    "Imagine if Mary did" She shot back.

    Damn, if my wife walked in, I thought to myself, I'd be dead. My happy marriage would be over.

    I walked towards her. The computer chair was pretty high so my dick was eye level with her. "Suck it!" I commanded, taking her head and placing it on the rod.

    She began to lick like it was an ice cream cone. I grabbed her head and held it tight.

    She was a pro. I hate to admit it, but already she did it better than my wife. My wife was actually terrible at giving blow-jobs.

    This slut was licking my shaft, using her hands on my balls and even moaning like she was enjoying it. When a bitch moans while she's sucking you off, you know she digs it.

    She began to suck faster.

    With each bob, she was taking my 9 inches deeper and deeper. At one point she got the whole thing in her mouth.

    "Yes you mother fucking slut, take your daddy's dick deep!" As I watched her work her magic.

    She moaned even louder, slid her mouth off my dick and gagged a bit.

    "You're so fucking big!' She said as she looked up at me.

    I grabbed her face, pulled her up to me and screamed at her in a low tone, "I'm going to cum in your mouth you fucking whore!"

    She just stared at me as I opened her mouth and spit in it!

    Picking her up and moing her over to the futon. "You gonna fuck me now?" she asked. I ignored her.

    "FUCK YOU, SUCK THIS DICK!" I shouted.

    She moved to the edge of the futon and I stood in front of her and she began to suck some more...

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    Sexy Sister In-law Pt6

    When I first met my wife, she told me her sister thought I was crazy. Well now she probably thinks I'm nuts.

    While she was sucking my rod, I got an idea.

    It was still dark outside, as I gazed out the window thinking of this horny slut blowing me. My sister in-law had a huge backyard.

    I stopped her from sucking.

    "What's wrong?" she asked.

    'Put your PJ's back on'.

    She looked confused.

    "No, I need it now baby!" She pleaded.

    I reached for my shorts.

    "Shut the fuck up and get dressed and follow me."

    She did as she was told and we left the room.

    I walked through the kitchen, I could hear her bare feet against the tiled floor. We walked and out the backdoor.

    She closed the door behind us as I walked over to one of her lounge chairs.

    'What the fuck are you doing'? She whispered as I took off my shorts and sat on the chair.

    "Shut up and get your sexy ass over here.

    She looked up at her house, more-so at the windows.

    "We can't, someone will see us!"

    'Fuck it, get over here."

    She wouldn't budge. She was nervous.

    'No, let's go back inside, I'll suck you off and let you cum in my mouth'. As she began to walk towards the door looking up at her bedroom window hoping no one was looking.

    I jumped up, walked over to her and stopped her.

    "Look you slut, we're going to fuck right here in your backyard."

    "No, get outta the way, I'm going back to sleep." She said as she tried to get around me and reach for the doorknob.

    I grabbed her, pulled her close, and began to kiss her. After about 30 seconds, she began to grind against me. I was now leaning against the door and she was pressing against me.

    I think she likes to be grabbed, forced and taken.

    Little does she realize I'm going to make it a goal of mine to fuck her in every room in her house while we are here on the visit. I'm also going to fuck her in every closet and anywhere else in her large house I deem necessary. I want this bitch to remember this week forever.

    I held her by the back of the head, and wouldn't let her go. I explored every part of her mouth. She moaned louder and was enjoying the kiss.

    We kissed for what seemed like forever. Tongue all over. her lips, her teeth and I even sucked on her tongue.

    All of a sudden we heard a dog bark. I broke the kiss, we both looked around. She looked up at her bedroom window, then back at me.

    "Honey, I'll do anything but fuck you out here, Michael will see us if he looks out the window." She cried. 'I'll even fuck you on my kitchen table'.

    In time I thought to myself, in time. I'm going to fuck this bitch on the table, floor and kitchen counter.

    My master plan is to fuck her in her own bed!

    I love fucking outdoors, and I was going to give it to her in her own backyard. We were once outside hanging out in her backyard at a big family function and I was lounging in a sweet chair, admiring how comfy it was. There was a hot neighbor at the party and I thought of how good it would feel if I fucked her on it.

    But fast forward and here I am about to fulfill the fantasy but with a slut who wants my Johnson!

    "Bitch, get down on your knees now and suck my dick!" I directed her

    She did so rather quickly without any hesitation.

    After about 2 minutes of sucking I blew my load in her mouth. She took every drop.

    Staring up at me she smiled.

    "You are one son-of-a-bitch" She whispered wiping a drop of cum off her lip with her tongue.

    I laughed.

    "Yeah, but you love it!" I answered.

    I lifted her off the ground and carried her over to the lounge chair.

    She wrapped her arms around me and clamped her legs around me as I walked about ten yards.

    "You're so strong" she whispered to me.

    I threw her down and jumped on top of her.

    Opening her legs, I entered her with my rock hard dick.

    I fucked her over and over. "YES, YES, YES, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!" She begged, wrapping her arms around me and holding on very tight.

    "I'M GONNA CUM, I'M GONNA CUM, PLEASE DON'T STOP! She pleaded over and over.

    At one point she got a bit too loud and I took a cushion and placed it over her face.

    I came inside her. She came over and over. This bitch was in heaven.

    Quickly, i turned her around, found her wet pussy and fucked her doggy-style.

    "SLAP MY ASS, PLEASE!' She begged.

    I obliged.

    I felt like Barry Bonds teeing off.

    The whacks were loud! While banging this slut hard I was slapping the shit out of her ass cheeks. I loved squeezing them too. They were tight. Imagine that, just a few hours ago I was watching her walk around the house in black tights and now I was slapping the shit out of them.

    I held onto her hips and pulled her back very hard and forcefully into my cock as I fucked her.


    I swear to God, while fucking her I looked up into the sky and I could've sworn I saw someone standing by the third floor window watching us.

    I think it was her husband. Little did he know the curtains were moving so that gave it away.

    But if it was, wouldn't he come down and catch us in the act? Wouldn't he be pissed off his wife was fucking another man?


    I was like, 'fuck this' I ain't stopping for shit!

    I fucked her some more, with each stroke I looked up at the window.

    The fucking became faster and faster.


    I kept pushing, slamming, and slapping.

    "YES, YES, YES...." She screamed.

    BOOM, she came.

    "Here I cum you slut."

    I was now fucking her like a wild man.

    All of a sudden, I shot my third load deep inside her.

    I pushed her down on the lounge chair and collapsed on top of her. I began to kiss her neck and stroke her hair.

    While lying on top of her, I glanced up at the window without moving my head, and sure enough, there was Michael, staring at us.

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    Thumbs up

    mmmm, sounds like a fun adventure. Do share more.

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    Hot fucking story!! keep it up
    My stories
    Kiki And Friends
    Kiki's Deliverance
    Kiki and Friends (part 1 and 2)
    Kiki and Friends (part 3)
    1970's Flashback: Alex doing Yeoman's Work
    on a Tangent(A story with Walter's brother Richard and his wife): Fun With Dick and Jane

    Poindexter Series

    Birthday Rubdown -- A nerd giving himself a 19th birthday present. Inspired by something on the HYE thread.
    Poindexter's Next Story -- The next installment after Poindexter's birthday massage.
    George's new-to-him Car

    I am verified (they just can't show new verifieds until upgrade is finished)
    This is me naked.

    Anyone live close to Big Easy?

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    Sister In-Law Pt7

    As I got up from the lounge chair, It must've been close to 5AM. I stood and looked up at the window and didn't see Michael.

    Would he meet us in the house and demand to know what happened?

    Would he go down and tell my wife I just fucked his wife?

    Or, would he let it go?

    Without saying a word, I bent down and kissed my sister in-law on the face, she smiled.

    "Thank you for a wonderful fuck!" she said.

    "You're welcome, but there's more to come in the next six days", I assured her.

    "Mmmmmm, I can hardly wait." she replied.

    I walked away and into the house and straight downstairs. No sign of Michael. Figured he didn't really care about his wife being taken.

    My wife was sound asleep. I got into bed beside her and fell asleep.

    I heard footsteps above for a few seconds but no voices. Probably my slutty sister in-law filled with my cum heading back to bed.

    This was the beginning of an incredible week at my sister in-laws. She has actually begun to text message me telling me she wishes I were at her house fucking her. She begged me to come back and visit with her sister and my daughter. She wants to come visit us and stay at a hotel.

    I will begin the next day's fucking at her house in a new thread. Look for Day 2 Sister In-Law. This shit gets hotter as the week went on. Some of the shit we did was crazy. You won't believe where I fucked her and you won't believe what happens with Michael.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed an incredible night.

    And if you ever think shit like this only happens in fantasy land, well I got news for you, it doesn't!

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    indeed awesome!
    Horny Greetz From Belgium

    My Pictures Thread, new pics page 7


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