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Please respect everyone in the chat room! These rules will BE enforced and could result in being banned or kicked!
Chat Rules: 1. Don't demand things or direct people when they are on cam 3. Show respect, we don't tolerate insults or rude comments 5. Do not make an ass out of yourself and behave
2. Do not keep asking or pressure people to go on cam, no means no 4. No children may be visible while you are on webcam 6. Do not post links  to other adult site or chats
This recognition is from many members, admins and mods! Lunastar has been in chat daily and always nice and respectful! Congratulations Lunastar!
With so much time spent here in chat, and on her thread, Tinybubbles deserves to be recognized as one of our Hall Of Famers Congratulations Tinybubbles, you are appreciated!!
Many people recommended this award and suggested it! I belive this is a GREAT award for someone so SPECIAL to our Admin Team! Thanks SS!
This recognition is for all the contribution in chat and on the forums. Giving out many awards! And for making Kelly's Chat fun! Thank you for everything you do here!